How to make a box for growing potatoes at home

Many people still think that they need a lot of space to have a garden at home. However, it is possible to grow many varieties of crops, for example on a terrace. Today we are talking about growing potatoes, we start by preparing a wooden crate where we can grow them.

How to make a wooden box for growing potatoes.


For this project you will need the following materials:

  1. Six planks of untreated wood, measuring 2 ″ x 6 ″ x 8 ′.
  2. Two 2 “x 2” x 2 “x 6 ‘timber studs. You can also use a 12’ long bolt.
  3. Approximately 65 2-1 / 2 ” flat head screws.
  4. Drill and drill bits.


For its assembly, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Cut the two 2 “x 2” x 6 “bolts into four 33” pieces.
  2. Cut the six 2 ″ x 2 ″ x 8 ′ boards into 12 lengths of 21 ″ and 12 lengths of 24 ″.
  3. Drill two holes at each end of the 24-inch pieces, approximately 3/4 “from the edge. This will allow the screws to enter the center of the cut side of the 21-inch pieces.
  4. Screw two of the 24 “pieces and two of the 21” pieces together to form a frame.
  5. The fourth step needs to be repeated five more times, so you will get a total of 6 images. Stack them on top of each other to create your box.
  6. Place one of the 2 ″ x 2 ″ x 33 ″ pieces in the inside corner of one of the frames. This frame will be the base of the box.
  7. Drill two holes on the outside of this frame, so that they line up with the bolt you placed in the corner of the frame. In this case, the screws will anchor the bolt in the corner of the frame at two points.
  8. Repeat the last step for the three remaining inside corners of the frame.
  9. Slide one of the other frames onto the base frame, with the four “feet” inside. These two floors will be used for planting.

We already have the box ready, now we have to sow and cultivate the potatoes.

Regarding seedlings, follow the following recommendations:

  1. Select a sunny location for the box.
  2. Prepare the soil at the bottom of the box. Add potting soil and compost, in a mixture of 40% compost, 40% chopped leaves or grass and 20% soil. Fill the last two floors with the mixture.
  3. Sow the potatoes about 3 “-4” deep and cover them with soil. Add a thin layer of leaves as a mulch.
  4. When the potato plants are about 12 inches tall, add another frame and fill it with soil, just a third of the plant.
  5. Add the remaining images.

To harvest the potatoes, remove the planks from the lower frame to access the ground. When you have removed all the potatoes from that level, fill it with soil and place the boards. To harvest more potatoes, repeat the same steps with the boards of the second frame. And so on until reaching the top executive.

Enjoy your homemade potatoes!