How to make a bunny with a sock

There are many toys that we can make with these socks without a partner that we have to roll into the house. With just a few materials and spending a few minutes, you can surprise your little one with a beautiful new toy.

Does the idea encourage you? If you want to make a cute bunny out of a sock, keep reading as we show you how to do it..

How to do it?

It’s easy to do and fair you need a little time and some materials that you probably already have at home. Kids love these homemade toys and more so they can tell their mom or dad made them.

Waste no more time and opt for this unique sock to transform it into this cute toy.

Materials needed.

  • The first thing you need is a sock that no longer has a partner.
  • A cup of rice.
  • Tape or something circular to open the mouth of the sock.
  • Thread the color of the sock and scissors.
  • Finally a piece of decorative adhesive tape of about 50 cm.


  • To start, insert the sock inside the duct tape ring. Then bend a bit to make sure the mouth is open.
  • Then start to fill with rice up to ¾ of the sock. More or less as far as the heel of it.
  • The next step is to remove the sock from the duct tape ring.
  • Then, squeeze halfway to mark what will be the rabbit’s neck.
  • Then with a thread you need to tie the upper part, just where the rice ends.
  • Then pass another thread in the part where the rabbit’s neck will be.
  • Then cut the top in half to make the ears, shaping them with the scissors.
  • Then pass the ribbon around the rabbit’s neck making a knot.
  • Finally, draw the eyes and nose with a marker.

Ready, you already have a beautiful bunny so your little one can play.