How to make a cardboard armchair

is the chair is made entirely of cardboard! The pieces fit together so that we do not need glue or other elements for their union. We have the templates so you can build this sturdy chair in a matter of hours.

Armchair in 5 pieces of cardboard

Cardboard is a rigid and flexible material, so it allows us to use it without the need for glue or any other element to hold seams and joints. The armchair or chair, as you want to call it, is designed so that its joints fit together naturally, with the belief that the semi-rigidity of planes holds everything in place.

Armchair in 5 pieces of cardboard

This is not our first post on cardboard furniture, we have been talking about cardboard beds, desks, complete desks or modular furniture of all kinds to make yourself.

Chair in cardboard assembly 5 pieces

You can find the full instructions in this link of instructables.

Cardboard chair

The file is attached fusion 360 in case you want to make your own adjustments to the design.