Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer, it’s time to let your imagination run wild and fill your home with love displays. Surprise your loved one by dedicating this special day, full of feelings. Cushions, photos, love letters or centerpieces with flowers, well, today we are going to dedicate our DIY10 space to one of these ideas, how to make a centerpiece with flowers for valentine’s day 2020.

Valentine’s Day, a saint of Rome closely linked to love. It is said that married Christian couples who were in Roman prisons, during the prohibition of Christianity.

A saint who according to legend, while awaiting his punishment for decapitation, in ancient Rome. He realized that the jailer’s daughter was blind, here confusion arises as to whether he fell in love with her, or whether he seemed blind.

Valentine begged God to work the miracle and the young woman will find her vision. On the day of her execution, Valentine gave a letter to the young woman, promising to read it. The young blind man did not understand why she asked him to read without being able to do so. When he opened the letter he regained his vision and the first thing he saw was “Your lover”, which was the text that rejected the letter.

From then to today, Valentin’s Day It’s the day that we devote ourselves to love, it’s the day we express our feelings and we commemorate it create romantic moments with our partner. To make these moments an original expression of love, let’s see how flower centers. Centers that can decorate, by candlelight, a very, very romantic evening.

Don’t forget the gifts:

Centerpieces with flowers for Valentine’s Day 2020 original

Flowers are perhaps the most romantic element, their aroma evokes pleasant memories, their color or shape can be a way of saying “I love you”. In this case, we will see several original ideas for making a Original centerpiece with flowers for Valentine’s Day 2020.

Centerpiece with original flowers with cookie cones

For this nice and original idea of centerpiece with flowers, you will need very little material. Colorful stones, of course pink and red, some ice cream cones, glass tube glasses and the flowers you love the most.

You will just have to catch a highball glass, better if the glass is heavy, with a lot of base, so that it does not tip over. In we will introduce the cookie cone that can be found in large areas. With these steps, we already have our base for the flowers.

Finally, there are only decorate it with the flowers you like the most or those who have the greatest romantic significance to you. Keep in mind that they must be thick-stemmed flowers and plants, otherwise it will be beaten forward and they will not be so straight and stiff.

Centerpiece with original flowers in a lantern

If your partner likes decorating with romantic touches, he will surely love this original idea. It is about making a flower arrangement using vintage style lantern.

A very original idea and simple to do, because you will only have to choose a cute white lantern or use one if you have one at home.

With two or three roses red or pink, which we have previously removed the rod, and a few small, discreet bouquets of flowers such as wax flowers, daisies or evergreens, which you can find at any florist, will suffice.

Just open the lantern door and place the tallest flowers in the corner, then covers the floor of the lantern with the roses or the chosen plant. Finally, cover the rest of the lantern floor with more flowers small in size and let some of them stay outside the lantern.

Place the whole composition on a raised baseIn this case, they were books, but a decorated box can be used. Any object that follows the romantic theme of the lantern, it can be used.

Centerpiece with original flowers with a frame

A very fun, simple and spectacular idea for decorate the table for a dinner or romantic meal. For this idea, it is enough to have 3 jars or glass bottles, of different shapes. They can use large round glasses such as cognac glasses, bottles, jars or beautifully shaped glass jars.

Use the a picture or photo frame that has depthWe can get it in wood and then paint it in white and white sand which can also be replaced with sugar or salt. Finally some pretty flowers, her favorites. Finally, use small seashells or stones like the ones they sell for 1 euro.

The way to create this pretty flower arrangement It is very simple. The first thing we’ll do is clean glassware that we are going to use. then we introduce the white sand until you reach about 3 cm and introduce the chosen flowers inside.

Depending on the bottle we use we will have to cut the stems or not. We will put in each bottle or jar a minimum of 5 flowers, to make it more beautiful. In the case of bottles, use the roses or flowers that have the longest stem so that the composition looks more beautiful, the best measurement is that hold a wingspan about.

Centerpieces with flowers and candles for Valentine’s Day 2020

If, besides being romantic, you want it to be an intimate dinner, nothing better than resorting to candles. These offer a more intimate and romantic atmosphere. Let’s see how to do it centerpieces with flowers and candles for Valentines Day 2020.

Cup with flowers, water and candles

In this case, we will see how a bonito is prepared. table’s center using a natural flower, water, medium colored stones, a thread, two large nuts (which have weight) and a small candle.

The reason for using a big cup this is because it is much more elegant than a glass and the effect is more pleasing to the eye.

The first thing we need to do is cut the stem at the root of the calyx of the flower. With great care we will take a wire of about 15 cm length and we will pierce the chalice from one end of the flower to the other.

We place the flower in the center of the wirebecause we will have a good part of it. The next step is give weight to the flower and for that we will use nuts. We introduce a nut by one of the ends of the wire, we hold it with it, rolling it lightly on the nut. We repeat the same operation on the other end of the wire.

Don’t worry if this one shows up, we’ll cover it now. We present the medium sized stones (like a candy), with a handful will suffice for the moment. We place the flower with the weights in the center.

Now comes the most delicate step. With the index finger placed in the center of the flower, we pour water, slowly until half of a flower is covered. We add more stones around of this, until the wire is well covered.

There is no more now fill with water to the edge of the glass. This way our flower will be completely covered with water at the bottom. The last step is place the candle in the center and turn it on.

East flower arrangementit will be much more beautiful when the flower hydrates with waterbecause its size will increase and the effect will be incredible. You can use different flowers or different cup shapes, if you make more than one you will get a really interesting composition.