How to make a Christmas tree from plastic bottles

With green PET bottles, which are numerous on the market, we can make a visually very attractive Christmas tree. Let’s not forget that by using this type of recycled tree at Christmas, we not only give a second life to certain materials, but we also avoid the manufacture of a new plastic Christmas tree, which has become so fashionable these days. last time.

With a little skill and following these simple instructions, you will have it done in no time.

We will look for green color PET bottles first, you will have no difficulty, at any relative or friend you will surely find.


We cut it with scissors into three pieces.


We will cut the center piece in a vertical row.


The mouth of the bottle will serve as the base.


Through the mouth of the base we will introduce what will serve as a trunk for the tree, a piece of a broomstick or the like.


We will glue the strips as we see in the picture.


We will finish the tree from above with a plastic strip as we see in the picture.


Here’s the result:

How to make a Christmas tree from plastic bottles

And finally, we are sharing this video where you can find the best ideas for making your own home decorations this Christmas: