How to make a Christmas wreath with wine corks

Wine corks almost always end up in the trash and are hardly ever recycled. However, they can be very useful. Today we will use them to make a Christmas garland. A project that anyone can achieve.


To put this idea into practice, the materials needed are:

  • A straw garland (or you can improvise with another material).
  • Many wine corks.
  • Glue.
  • Ribbons to decorate.


The first step is to glue the rows of corks evenly around the crown. For this I use hot glue. If you are doing this with a child, be careful with the glue gun, as it can burn.

After it is completely covered, we start to glue caps at random, until they are full. The more caps you use, the harder you work.

It should be remembered that the caps are only glued on the front of the wreath, as they will be attached to a door or a wall. Therefore, the ideal is to leave the back of the garland flat, to facilitate attachment.

Finally, you can use a bow made of ribbons with Christmas themes or colors that remember those dates, such as red, gold, or green.