How to make a coffee maker with 2 traditional bulbs

A manual shared on YouTube by user Rulof Maker, a “Do it yourself” expert with some interesting ideas. Today we take a look at his coffee maker made with the recycling of two traditional light bulbs. A little elaborate way of brewing coffee, but the truth is that the project is ingenious and not very complicated. The only material we will need will be sandpaper, tweezers, and some adhesive and silicone.

One of the ampoules will hold the water and the other ampoule will act as a filter and hold the coffee.


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His idea is to heat the lower bulb which contains the water so that it rises and leaves in the form of vapor through the bulb above where the coffee is taken.

How to make a coffee maker with two traditional bulbs

The water will rise from one bulb to another as water vapor through a glass tube that connects the two bulbs. In the upper bulb, the water mixes with the coffee then creates a vacuum in the lower bulb which sucks up the water previously expelled in the form of gas; On the way back to the first bulb, the water mixed with the ground coffee passes through the filter located between the two bulbs, causing the water to return to its original bulb in the process, but already in the form of coffee.

How to make a coffee maker with two bulbs

Via microserves.