How to make a copy of a key with a tin can

With aluminum cans we have seen almost everything done, even tiles for the roof of a house. But I must confess that I never came to the idea of ​​using a tin can to make a homemade copy of a keyAlthough we have already seen how to make a copy of a key with a plastic bottle, it never ceases to amaze me.

Today we are sharing a method of making duplicate keys at home, in a very artisanal and rudimentary way but which will work or not depends on the type of key we want to copy, the materials it is made with and the skill. that you have to make it.

Not all of these homemade methods are used to make copies of all keys and a hardware store or specialist establishment will surely make copying more comfortable, better, and faster. But for emergencies and need, it can help us.

In the video you will find all the instructions to do it, if you try it, tell us about your experiences:

A system that seems very complicated and it turns out that with limited resources, we can do it at home. A worrying proof of the security that certain types of keys can give us. If you want security, you have to rely on real, efficient systems.