How to make a cowboy laptop bag

Many times you have to move your laptop and you don’t have a nice and comfortable carrying case to carry it safely.

Laptop bag with jeans.

You no longer have to throw away your favorite jeans when you don’t want to wear them anymore. You can make this beautiful bag and take your laptop wherever you want in style.

Materials needed.

There are so few materials that It will be very easy for you to do it.

  • First you need an old cowboy.
  • Also scissors
  • Finally some thread and a needle.

Here we go!


With this project, We will teach you how to make a denim case where you can take your laptop wherever you want.

  1. To start, put the jeans inside out.

  2. Then, cut just at the seams that separate the legs.

  3. The next step is to pin half an inch of the edge you cut to secure it.

  4. Then you need to take a needle and thread and start sewing the entire edge.

  5. Also reinforce the seam a few times to make it strong.

  6. Once cut, sew the edges to give a better shape.

  7. Now turn the jeans over to the right side.

  8. The next step is to take one of the pant legs and lay it out on the table.

  9. Then, with the scissors, cut two strips, just where the seam of the boot of the pants is.

  10. The next thing to do is to open two holes in the back of the pants, at waist height.

  11. Now insert the strip you cut and tie a knot so that it does not come off.

  12. Then repeat the operation with the other hole.

  13. Once you are done placing the handle on the back.

    Do the same procedure up front.

Once it has been verified that the handles cannot be released, all that remains is to insert your laptop and take it wherever you want.

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