You want to know how to make a kitchen curtain? Yes sir! Well, do not miss the following article in which we show you how to make modern kitchen curtains, how to make kitchen curtains step by step and how to make simple kitchen curtains. If you want to have a space to cook separate from another room, kitchen curtains are the best option and starting with DIY 10, we’re going to teach you how to do it without having to resort to kitchen renovations. We have started!

How to make modern kitchen curtains

In these times, the modernist concept flooded us and has already imbibed our culture and especially the decoration of our house. Therefore, if you have a modern home, we want you to have the curtains in your home to match. Therefore, we will teach you how to make modern kitchen curtains.

The first design of modern kitchen curtains is inspired by blinds, whose style sets trends because it is one of the most comfortable items to use. Just by pulling on the cord, you can unfold or retract the blind (for curtains, both sides must be unfolded or retracted to achieve the same effect.

There is a lot of modern kitchen blind designs, like the one we show you below.

Another modern kitchen curtain model is the one that includes modern prints, like owls, mushrooms or like the one pictured below, which mixes darker tones like black or garnet, with the white color of the curtain, providing greater brightness.

In short, when it comes to placing modern kitchen curtains, you have to take into account the style of the kitchen and based on this, choose the most suitable modern kitchen curtain design. Before we finish this section, we want to tell you that the kitchen curtain layout and the available space play a very important role at this point, but if you want to know more then you just need to read the next section.

How to make kitchen curtains step by step

Now that we have a modern kitchen curtain design, it is time to know how to make kitchen curtains step by step. This is a very simple process, as it does not require any work or reform, so if you have a free weekend, it is time to install your kitchen curtains. For that, the elements we will need, basic in any toolbox, are: tape measure, scissors, fabric, sewing machine, thread, rod and ruler.

First of all we will have to take measurements from our window to buy the necessary fabrics and hooks according to the available space. To do this, take the length and width of the window as a reference.

Once we know these measurements, the design of the kitchen curtain plays a very important role. To do this, it is important to play with the following: curtains, that is to say the rooms which hang from top to bottom, the edge of which delimits the windows; the limits, that is to say the decorative element of the upper part of the window; and finally the privacy skirts which allow to cover certain parts of the window.

At this point it is necessary to choose the tissue volume, that is, the body of the curtain. The larger the volume, the greater the exuberant appearance it will convey to us.

With all this data, we can already assess the level of fabric that will be needed to make the kitchen curtains. For this we will have to multiply the desired volume by the width of the window. Likewise, you have to take into account the decorative elements, such as the border or the skirt when choosing the fabric, so you will have to add a few more centimeters to do all the work of making, setting up the rods and wheels. . .

Now that we have the technical factors, it’s time to choose the fabric for the kitchen curtain. In this sense, the concept of practicality is very important, because the use of unalterable materials and even that they are fire resistant. When you’ve chosen the fabric, it’s time to tailor it to your measurements. Next we will create the bottom hem, fold the inside about 2cm on the inside and repeat this process from the top. To get a better hold, it is necessary to give two stitches to the upper part, especially the one that is attached to the hem.

Now that you have this shore, it should be sew the other side to hold the rod, so we will repeat the previous process, but this time when we do the second point, we will try to fix it on the bar.

How to make simple kitchen curtains

For those with a simpler kitchen, without a lot of colors or with the basics, we recommend the simple kitchen curtain designs. You want to know how to make simple kitchen curtainsYes? Well, here are some tips.

If you want a simple kitchen curtain, perhaps the most suitable option for you is the one that does not include borders or skirts. Simple and light, like those shown in the pictures below.

Although if you don’t wanna give up cheerful prints To give your kitchen a livelier touch, you may like the following simple kitchen curtain design.

In short, we have given you the keys to making a kitchen curtain step by step, in this way, we are convinced that you will be able to provide it with a more personal touch in this room and even a touch of joy.

If you want to learn more about kitchen curtains, we leave a series of links of interest for you so that you continue to learn more about it.