Do you already know the cutting technique? It’s a craft technique which allows to decorate all kinds of materials and objects, through the decorative paper collage.

Although there are those who do it with fabric, it is a very popular technique that It is made of decorated paper napkins with very original prints and designs. The less you notice that the drawing is stuck, the better This will be the finish, which is why napkin paper is ideal for doing this type of craft.


It is a very simple job It just takes patience and technique. It is important that the paper is always well stretched, so that you do not notice that it is an addition. And you must have time to be able varnish the part several times.

Maybe you think it’s a useless profession, but in reality It is used to decorate all kinds of different objects. We will see different examples throughout the article.

How to cut

At first, people considered how to cut pieces of wood. This is because wood supports thicker paper better and it may be easier to achieve a good finish. However, little by little, they discovered different techniques to decorate all kinds of materials.

For example, can be used to decorate flower pots. All you need is thin paper, a brush and varnish. It can be glossy or matte, depending on what you prefer.


The finish is very original, and if you have an area where you place all the plants you can follow a theme that unifies all the jars. Also, as you can see in the example, you can use newspaper or old books. The paper is generally very thin and easy to handle.


Other objects that you can decorate with decoupage techniques are the decorative pots or vases. These they are decorated on the outside, acquiring a different and rougher texture than that of glass. You have to be careful with the part of the cover, because if you do not apply the varnish well, the paper may end up lifting there, and this will eventually spoil the decoration.

how-to-decoupage mug

Another very original example is that of decorate tea or coffee sets with the cutting technique. It’s a way to give old mugs a second life by giving them a new look. For this type of work napkin paper is the best, yes, still using a single layer.

How to do the cutting step by step

It’s very easy to learn how to do the cutting step by step. It takes more patience and time than anything else, because the materials used are very easy to find everywhere and even easier to handle.

You can start by painting the room you are going to decorate, if the paper elements do not cover everything. If you want to keep the original color or if the paper covers the entire object, this step is not necessary.

The very first step in the step-by-step slicing procedure is to cover the part to be decorated with white glue. In the case of porcelain or ceramic, you can look for another more suitable type of glue, but always something that can be diluted in water and extend with a brush so there are no globes.


Once the object is ready with the glue, you can cover it with the selected paper. You know, the thinner the paper, the better!

Keep in mind that there are those who cover with a single sheet of paper, but there are those who prefer to use different elements and combine them with each other. If you opt for this option, you must cut and prepare the pieces before covering the object you are going to decorate with glue.
how-to-cut-the-scissors-step-by-stepAs you can see Ithe materials you need Not a lot:

  • White glue (or other type if the object needs it).
  • Brush.
  • Decoupage paper.
  • Paint (if you are going to paint the object).
  • Something to smooth out.


It is very easy to learn how to do the cutting step by step. This, yes, try to have some kind of hard plastic on hand to help you stretch the paper well to prevent wrinkling. By placing it on the white glue, which has just been laid, the paper slides easily.

Decoupage: decoration ideas

The cutting technique can be used to decorate all kinds of objects, as we have seen. There are even those who decorate furniture, part of walls, lamps, etc.

The key is to find the right paper for each material, always trying to choose thin papers. With a good combination of materials and designs, the finish can be excellent.

Wood carving

One of the main decorating ideas used with this technique is the wood carving. Is used for decorate all kinds of furniture, although it is more common to see it on bedside tables and dressers.


There are those who cover the whole piece of furniture with paper, and who combine different papers in drawers or removable parts of the cabinet. The designs we love the most are the ones that combine painting and decoupage. Depending on the paper you use, the end result will be one style or another. Of course, try to choose something that matches the style of the furniture.

polka dot wood carving

use a repeated element in different colors, like the example above, is a very funny and original solution for children’s and youth rooms.

wood carving

This last example is one of our favorites. They use the cutting technique on drawers and in the upper part, leaving the rest painted in a neutral color. It is very easy to make and the end result it’s fantastic. It is a piece of furniture that looks brand new and is ready to live a second life.

If you combine these techniques with other trends like chalk painting, you will end up with a very trendy piece of furniture with little money and a little work.

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