How To Make A Dog Food Bowl From Plastic Bottles

If your dog is curious and loves to experiment with new toys, the one we are presenting to you today will keep them busy and entertained for hours and hours.

Having a pet is a big responsibility, a lot of care and attention, which he lives well with a good diet and paying special attention to what he cannot eat. Taking the time to play with them is also an essential part of the life of our animals. If you are one of those people who like to take them out into the field, you want to know which plants can be toxic to them. Either way, having an animal is not a toy.

Homemade dog feeder toy

It’s a so-called “smart” game for the restless, and easy to build at home. The toy is made with very cheap materials, which you can find anywhere and most of them can be recycled.

The design is quite simple. It is a wooden frame with 3 plastic bottles of 1 liter. If you have large dogs, you can do this so that you use larger 2 liter bottles, which will make the wooden structure look bigger. The bottles turn around the guide, on each side. You can put food or treats for your dogs in the bottles.

Dog feeder toy

Dogs must return the bottles for their price to fall. Some will take a long time to figure out how it works. It’s harder than it looks!

Homemade dog feeder toy

Your dog will love this great toy and it will be a very original surprise for him.

Watch the video to see how the dogs react to this feeder – play and build your own version using the following full tutorial.

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