There are games that although we have grown up have not gone out of style, such as a dollhouse or a clubhouse. All of us, when we were kids, wanted to have a space like that, to meet up with all our friends or even to put our toys away. To make us, we will teach you how to make a dollhouse, a palisade structure lined with wooden slabs.

This task is not as simple as fixing a zipper. So continue reading the article where we will teach you the project of making a dollhouse, a palisade structure lined with wooden slabs.

Tools to use

  • A 4 mm drill bit or a bur
  • A brush
  • Gloves
  • Tape measure
  • Miter saw
  • Seen
  • Jigsaw
  • Electric drill

Material to use

  • 1 piece of 1.60 × 1.20 m of corrugated iron
  • 2.10 meters of daffodil pine retain dust
  • 3 sheets of 12mm split plywood
  • 37mts of brushed pine 2 × 2
  • Colony 4 ″ hinge
  • 2 color latex paint
  • 1 1/2 ″ Phillips head screw
  • Screw with rubber ring
  • 3 ″ wood screws

The house will be a structure built from The sticks 2 × 2 “. It will be 1.40 wide and 1 meter deep. Sloping roof, with a maximum height of 1.64, the lowest being 1.44 mt. The house will be lined with 12-gauge plywood. mm and the roof will be corrugated iron. It will be divided into 5 pieces that will make us a structure complete: floor, sides, front, rear and roof.


  1. Use the jigsaw to cut 2 × 2 ″ pieces of brushed pine

  1. To make the floor, we need: 2 pieces of 1.40 meters, 4 of 92 centimeters.

Perform the arc

  1. It presents the two pieces of 1.40 meters and 2 of 92 centimeters to shape the frame.
  2. Secure the frame by countersinking the joints of the sticks to prevent the wood from cracking under the action of the screw. Unscrew 2 3 ″ screws for each meeting.

Place the verticals

  1. 16 inches from each edge, place the other two 92-centimeter pieces.
  2. To fix them, 2 screws are also used per session, the wood is milled and screwed.

Secure the base

  1. With the 1 1/2 ″ screws, secure the structural plywood plate, you will wedge it with the edges of the palisade to the ground.
  2. Screw the screws around the perimeter of the base.

Cut the pieces

  1. You need to cut the 2 × 2 inch pieces of brushed pine with the jigsaw. With this you will form the 2 sides where it is needed: 2 pieces of 1.52 meters, 2 of 1.32 meters, 4 of 92 centimeters, 2 pieces of 1.42 meters and 8 pieces of 40 centimeters.

Realize the slope

  1. To make 1 side, you must present 1 piece of 1.52 meters and another of 1.32 meters as vertical from the back and the front. From top to bottom, horizontally, 2 pieces of 92 centimeters. Finally, he presents the right foot 40 centimeters from the edge, which measures 1.42 meters.

  1. Due to the difference in height, you need to mark the tilt that occurs on the clubs.
  2. Then saw off the excess material to form a slope.

Secure the parts

  1. Take a drill and a bit, make two holes at each stick meeting.
  2. Secure with 3 ″ screws.


  1. Secure the 16-inch posts horizontally. They do not have to be aligned, but moved so that they can be screwed.
  2. All the measures to fix these posts: in the space on the left about 45 cm and 41 cm, and in the one on the right 41 cm.


  1. Use the jigsaw to cut the pieces of brushed pine into 2 × 2 “. With which we will form the back, for this we will need: 2 sticks of 1.40, 3 of 1.52 and 4 pieces of 0, 64 meters.

Form the frame

  1. Make a frame with 2 posts of 1.40 meters and two others of 1.52 meters each.
  2. Attach with two 3 ″ screws per meeting. So that it does not crack when you insert the screw, you need to drill the wood with a bit thin.

Put on the right foot and the right chain

  1. Just 64 centimeters from the inside edge, put a vertical that measures 1.52 meters. Secure with 3 ″ screws.
  2. Screw the chains which measure 64 centimeters, are 4 and are out of phase. In the space on the left, set the first to 52 centimeters and the second to 48 centimeters higher, and in the space on the right, both are set at 48 centimeters.


Cut the pieces

  1. Cut the 2 × 2 inch pieces of brushed pine using the jigsaw. To form the front you will need: 2 pieces of 1.40 meters, 3 pieces of 1.31 meters, a single piece of 72 centimeters and two pieces of 55 centimeters. 1 piece of 60 centimeters and 1 piece of 40 cm.

Form frame

  1. Form a frame with 2 pieces of 1.40 mt and 2 of 1.31 mt.
  2. Secure them in the corners with 2 3 ”screws, countersinking them forward so that the wood does not crack.

Make the door

  1. About two feet from the inside edge, place a three-foot right foot that will form the doorway. You need to secure it with 3 ″ screws.
  2. Glued to the upper edge, screw a piece of 60 centimeters that will constitute the lintel of the door.

Make the window

  1. In the space that remains next to the door, attach a shorter right leg, screwed 31 centimeters from the opposite edge of the door. On this right foot, fix a piece of 68 centimeters horizontally, next to the right foot they will form a T.

Form the house