Today we will tell you how make a lantern from a cardboard tube with ease. You will be able to see the materials needed to make it, and all the necessary process that we have to go through. So you can assemble a flashlight quickly and easily, and with recycled materials, at MacGiver.

cardboard lantern

In other 10 DIY articles, we’ve told you how to make your own table for your home, so if you’re our reader, you’ll be used to our tutorials. In this case, we will try to get your cardboard tube lantern:

Index of publications:

  • Materials to make the lantern
  • Steps to make the flashlight

Materials to make the lantern

cardboard tube

  • 6 LED bulbs
  • Cardboard tube. Toilet paper is the best because it is cut right to size.
  • A cutter or fillo to cut the cardboard.
  • Tin roller for soldering.
  • Welder.
  • Pencil.
  • Hot silicone gun.
  • Punch.
  • Pliers
  • Three pieces of balsa wood or plywood.
  • Piece of cardboard larger than the circle that forms the edge of the tube.

Steps to make the flashlight

homemade cardboard tube lantern

  1. First we will have to take care of the cardboard tube, which we need to cut by about two centimeters, which will then become the screen for the flashlight.
  2. We take a piece of cardboard, mark and cut two circular pieces. About the size of a cardboard tube.
  3. We make two lines in the center of the cardboard, then we make 12 holes there, where the LEDs are going to be placed.
  4. Now we put the LEDs in the holes, with all the positives on one side and the negatives on the other, to make it easier to solder them.
  5. Then you have to bend the legs of the LEDs, those at the end are the positive, the others, the negative.
  6. Once you have bent, we cut all the legs of the LEDs, so that they do not protrude.
  7. Then we bend them all and we have to solder a black wire to all the negatives in the center.
  8. The positive points will be soldered to a red wire.
  9. You have to place the lights inside the 2 cm cardboard tube that we cut at the beginning.
  10. The other piece of cardboard we had left, the circular cardboard, we covered the tube. Not without first making a hole through which the cables will pass. Then we glue everything with hot silicone.
  11. Now we have to make the portapila, with balsa wood or plywood. So that we can remove and swap the batteries as many times as we want.
  12. Then we will have to make the switch, in order to be able to turn the lamp on and off, which must be connected to the positive and negative cables.
  13. Finally, with the cardboard tube that remained, the longest, we cut it on one side, lengthwise. And we reduce it around the battery holder. Then we paste and join everything.

Help video for making a flashlight from a cardboard tube

It’s easy, but here in this video we leave you the visual aid that will finish closing in your head the procedure to make a cardboard led flashlight.