Dave Hax now comes up with a fantastic project to turn a shoebox into a foosball table, using wooden sticks and clothespins. A very simple project with which the little ones in the house can collaborate.

Materials needed.

  • You will need an empty shoebox.
  • Four wooden sticks.
  • You also need black tape and transparent tape.
  • Wrapping paper to your liking.
  • 10 clothespins, 5 of a color and 5 of a different color.
  • The scissors
  • A small ball.

How to assemble the table football.

  • First, find an empty shoebox without a lid.
  • Then reinforce the edges and corners with black tape.
  • After strengthening, cut two squares from the short sides of the box to serve as a goal.
  • You need to reinforce the edges of the hole with clear tape.
  • Using pretty gift wrapping paper, continue to line up the sides of the box, leaving the bottom unlined so the ball can roll up.
  • Cut the paper where the goal holes are.
  • then reinforce the holes with clear tape.
  • The next step is to drill four holes on the two long sides of the box. They must be at the same height so that you can pass the wooden sticks through them.
  • Place the wooden sticks, these should be 12cm longer than the box measurement. Leave the 6 cm hole of the wooden stick on each side, to be able to move the tweezers.
  • After placing the sticks, make sure you can easily move them around the hole.
  • Line the part of the sticks that comes out of the box with black tape.
  • Place the clamps, the first color you need to place two clamps on the stick closest to the goal and 3 clamps on the 3rd stick. The next color should be assembled in the same way starting with the goal on the other side of the box.
  • Step into the little ball and you are ready to start playing.

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