If we want to have pets or animals at home or in our garden, it is essential to provide them with some basic needs that they need to be well. The basics are food and water, but then a good place for them to rest. Today we have a video with easy DIY how to make a free drinker for our pets.

How to make a homemade drinking fountain.

To make our waterer we will only need materials that others throw away like water bottles, from 1.5 liter to 8 liter, although this is just an idea, you can use all kinds of bottles or barrels, the important thing is that It can be closed tightly so as not to let out the air as we will see in the video.

Another key element that we can use is the typical tetra brik in fruit juice or any other drink that normally comes with a cap, we will use this element to make the water stored in our water bottle tanks come out, like we have commented on it before, it is important that the water bottle maintains the capacity at all times that air does not come in or out for this drinker to work.

It is important that if we are going to have animals and we cannot assist them on a daily basis as in the case of the video in a chicken coop, that we leave them a good supply of fresh water and although there are many models commercial for this purpose of drinking fountains, it is always better to make it ourselves and Moreover, if it comes out for free, it is much better 🙂 Hope you enjoy the video.

Author: Toni Frito.