Let’s be honest, who hasn’t had the Fathers Day? In the gift world, when it comes to us, we’ve been paying attention months before. But when it comes to our parents, things change. In addition, many children realize Feast of St. Joseph, the same March 19. what to do in this case? Here you have a most useful solution. And today we will show you how to make a gift certificate for fathers day.

The advantage of these vouchers is that they have multiple applications. No matter how much money you have at the time, a voucher for your dad can earn you the day, month, or even year. So, once your tachycardias are over, you’ve dried up your sweat and you can talk again, let’s see how to make a gift certificate for fathers day.

How to make a gift certificate for Father’s Day

The advantage of a voucher is that, as the name suggests, it goes for everything. That is to say from a purely commercial gift to a more symbolic gift. For example, if you know that you are going to get paid in a few days and that you are going to have money to buy your father the iPad ProAll you have to do is put it in a voucher and your dad will cry with emotion.

If it turns out that you’re not going to have a euro in the next 10 years, and you have to look for something cheaper, the voucher is also useful. From vouchers for 5-foot massages, to 3 back epilations, to washing his underwear for 2 months, your father will be delighted with you. Making dad happy isn’t about the money. You just need imagination and motivation. Although, in this case, and as expensive as it is, we also prefer the iPad Pro.

Material to make a good gift for Father’s Day

The production will be the easiest you can find. The material to make a good gift for fathers day they are easy to find, inexpensive and accessible.

¿What do you need?

  • Paper, cardboard, cardboard or eva rubber
  • The scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • A box or a gift bag

The gift box or bag is used to give presence to the gift, because another, even simpler option you have is to print a design. In fact, we’ve left a few here that might interest you. As easy as downloading, printing, and filling it with the gift you think your dad deserves.

He thinks that in a lot of cases, while you wash his car, make him lunch to take him to work, or give him a massage, as you put it, he just won’t care. Making it more or less pretty is up to you. Either way, you have various options to complicate whatever you want.

Drawings to make a gift certificate for Father’s Day

Before starting the gift you are going to give to your parents, stop and think about an important detail: your birthday. Anything you do can be used against you. So before you dive into these designs to make a gift certificate for fathers dayRemember that for your birthday you can find a gift voucher similar to the one you gave. Where they give it, they take it and your dad knows more than you do, no matter what you wear.

Symbolic gifts

Go ahead, what type of gift this type of gift will be worth for a limited time. By the time your dad starts paying you, or worse yet, you have your own job, you’re going to have to work a little harder. Hugs and kisses are cool when you’re between 2 and 10 years old, but your father, as fatherly as he is, also wants material gifts that he can enjoy. Take advantage of these coupons while you can.

Spread love

The same as before, but even more intangible. It is assumed that you love your dad, for the simple act of giving you life, although it is true that some do not fit into this range. Even so, a voucher for all my love can lead you to receive one with all your dad’s love on your birthday. Think about it.

By the stomach a father is conquered

What parent doesn’t like to eat? There, you won. If you get a three Michelin star for lunch, great. If you decide to cook the luxury dinner yourself, so much the better. He will see that you try hard, that you enjoy him and that you know that Jack Daniel’s ribs with sauce are his favorite. Details like these are not forgotten, and it will make up for it with your next giveaway. This voucher is an excellent investment. Of course, don’t call Telepizza. Never.

The Champioooooons

This donation has a 50% margin of error. Specifically, the chances of losing your team. If he wins, he will remember you forever and your special gift. If you lose, it’s the same. Every time he looks at you, he will see the opposing team score the winning goal and your relationship will never be the same again. Risky bet this one.

Everything for art

We all know works of art increase in value over time, now we are giving dad the opportunity to have a special piece. I would say this is a unique and incomparable piece of art and we are sure you will love it. That’s what it takes to be an artist.

An unforgettable trip

Because we know that daddy likes to travel and that’s what we’re going to take him on a gentleman trip, far away, to the other side of the world. It will be a special trip because he will be close to me, he won’t have to pack the bags he doesn’t like either, he won’t have to take planes that make him nervous. A trip to New Zealand, with me and a bowl of popcorn, that’s what it’s like to travel.

Coupons for a week

Maybe the day has come when we let Daddy enjoy some peace and quiet. What better way to do this than with a voucher that gives you a unique and very relaxing experience every day. A quiet nap, with no noise or giant kiss, the super hug we’re sure you’ll love it too. But above all, the two empty spaces that we leave to put your wishes. You will surely love it.


In these types of gifts, quantity matters more than quality. If you know how to masterfully combine symbolic gifts with valuable ones, you’ll have it in the jar. In fact, here are 4 perfect coupons for it.

Multivale and Multidía

This checkbook includes 6 vouchers that Dad can use not only for Father’s Day, a day that will have a more special service, but can also use in some cases up to four more days. It goes without saying that as the vouchers are consumed, the services provided will decrease in intensity.

You should always leave a coupon blank for dad to write a service he wishes we had forgotten. A real success, very original and above all practical.

Personalized services

Father’s Day is a very special day and in this case it is about giving back all he does for us. She makes us breakfast, comforts us with her care and hugs and helps us in any way she can. It’s time to get that much attention back. A voucher for making a coffee, giving yourself a relaxing massage or setting the table. Everything you need to make dad feel comfortable and happy.

Choose your own adventure

We have already discussed it, the possibility to print a simple voucher and fill it yourself is there. Well, it’s here. You decide how much to give and what to give. It depends on each parent and it depends on each child. Of course, he hides the good ones well, because if he finds them, he will have you at his mercy.

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