A tin can, sandpaper, and a drill with the appropriate bit are all you will need be able to make your own homemade grater. As you can see in the video tutorial, this project is very easy to do.

The instructions are very simple. We will mark the container to pierce one of its sides, the holes will depend on the use we are going to give it. Anyway, in the same way, we can make different rows of holes of different radius, so that we will have a multipurpose rasp.

The materials to be used.

  • A metal box taller than it is wide.
  • You also need a drill.
  • And finally, one or more drill bits of the hole size (s) you want.

How to make the grater.

  • First clean the box of any food residue.
  • If you want to make the holes in a single row of the same size, mark the box where you want it.
  • You need to make vertical lines along the box, 6 lines at a distance of 1 cm are ideal.
  • If you want to make holes of different sizes, you can make several rows of one size on one side of the box and others on the other side with another size of drill bit.
  • Then draw horizontal lines 1 cm apart and where the two lines meet, open the holes with the drill.
  • The holes should be aligned both vertically and horizontally.
  • Once these are completed, proceed to sand the holes inside the box.
  • Then wash the box very well to remove residue.
  • Also use the back of the bit to insert your hand into each hole and pop the hole out a bit. This will allow you to grate anything you want.
  • Wash the can again, dry it and you already have a very original homemade grater.

If you want to have a multifunctional grater, you can follow these steps on different sides of the box, opening holes of different sizes and in this way you will get grated food of different thickness.

A practical and very easy to achieve idea that can solve a need in your kitchen, while recycling those metal boxes.

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