How to make a guide for slicing bread

Slicing bread is an art, no matter how you do it or how many times you have done it, you won’t get two identical slices.. For some people it can be very stressful as they cannot leave their homemade bread like the sliced ​​bread they buy in supermarkets, so if you want to fix this once and for all, you can do it yourself. own hands and with wood. that you can recover.

You can build a homemade bread slicer, using only wood and your craft skills. Before planning your bread slicer design, think about what size slice you’re going to want and what kind of wood you can find for this idea. Be sure to avoid using paint on this project, as it can be toxic on contact with the bread.

For more information on building your own bread slicer and a list of the materials you’ll need, you can visit the following website.