How to make a solar oven heater for a window

The system allows you to save electricity and gas throughout the year. It is a window-based home system that can be used as a two-in-one solar heater or oven.

Solar ovens and heaters are gaining more and more popularity every day, and for good reason: they can provide heat to heat our homes and even cook, all without spending a euro, saving electricity and gas. .

How to make a solar heater for a window

The American known as FlugalGreenGirl, often uses her page to share tips on how to avoid waste, save money and live more harmoniously with the environment. It has developed a simple and easy to assemble solar heating system.

It all started when she wanted to heat her house, she had the idea to use pieces of translucent polycarbonate sheets to make a box for one of the windows in your house. He fitted it with small solar fans to distribute the heat throughout the rest of the residence.

How to make a radiator - solar oven for a window

After building his small greenhouse, he realized that the heat was much higher than expected, so he also uses it as a solar oven.

The idea is simple: you have an oven all summer and solar heating all winter, so you save all year round.

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