Has humidity become another inhabitant of your home? Do clothes take several days to dry when you hang them indoors? Maybe you should buy a dehumidifier to reduce humidity a bit. What is very expensive? In this case we will tell you how to make a home dehumidifier step by step.

How to make a home dehumidifier

Funny thing about how to make a home dehumidifier step by step, it’s as easy as knowing if we have the guidelines to follow. It’s not just the money we save by making it ourselves, but eventually we will make dehumidifiers for the whole family.

Having said that, many people think itdehumidifiers are ideal for the rainy season. And they are. This is undoubtedly when houses accumulate more moisture. However, throughout the year, rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen can create humid environments to compensate for the temperature difference with the rest of the house. This is where dehumidifiers come in.

How to make a homemade steam dehumidifier step by step

If we take a look at the market, we see that there are decent dehumidifiers out there starting at 10 euros, until we want to spend. There are devices that cost more than 150 euros. Both in the economic case and in the more expensive case, you can save whatever the amount. Just know how to make a home dehumidifier step by step.

The job of these dehumidifiers is to filter moisture through your system, promote a drier and healthier environment. And yes, despite what many people think, dehumidifiers are very efficient. They are particularly recommended for families with young children.

How to make a homemade glass dehumidifier step by step

In fact, at the expense of a family with children, it will be great for them to learn how to make a home dehumidifier step by step. Not only the price of the device will be recordedis that neither will they pay for the electricity you would have used the dehumidifier each time it was turned on. All the advantages.

So we will explain in detail how to make your own dehumidifier at home step by step. It will be a quick, easy and sometimes even fun process.

How to make a home dehumidifier step by step

When it comes to learning how to make a home dehumidifier step by step, we need to be clear that the most valuable item we will use will be coarse salt. It is an element with enormous water absorption power and able to regulate domestic environments wetter than usual.

In addition, the advantage is that when the coarse salt gets wet, it is enough to change it and let it dry for reuse. Even if we want to change it, it is not an expensive ingredient. With that said, let’s learn how to make a homemade dehumidifier step by step.

To make the dehumidifier you will need it Ingredients:

  • A plastic bottle
  • 150 gr of salt
  • A sock

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With these three ingredients, we already have what it takes to to make a home dehumidifier step by step

  • Step 1 – Take the plastic bottle and wash it thoroughly. You can put it in the dishwasher to make it completely clean.
  • 2nd step – When it is clean, cut it into three parts and let it dry
  • Step 3 – After about 15 minutes, take the bottom of the bottle (check that it is dry) and insert the upper part of the bottle, that is to say the one with the spout where we drink. You need to insert it the other way around, so that the nozzle sticks to the base
  • Step 4 – Then take the 150 grams of salt and put them in the sock.
  • Step 5 – Tie a knot that leaves the salt fixed inside and cut off the excess part of the sock
  • Step 6 – Insert the sock into the base you created with the two bottle pieces
  • Step 7 – Place your dehumidifier in the room with humidity problems.

When it comes to calculating how much coarse salt we need, we’ve taken 150 grams what is needed for a average room of 5 x 5 meters. In other words, a room of 25 square meters. To do calculations in other rooms, just calculate 25 grams of coarse salt per 4 square meters of room.

Advice on your dehumidifier

Now that you have your own dehumidifier, you can place it anywhere you like. However, it doesn’t hurt that you read these advice on your dehumidifier, which you can take full advantage of.

How to make a homemade wall dehumidifier step by step

  • Various humidifiers – If the room is large, you can choose to put two or three dehumidifiers, distributed over several equidistant points. Ultimately, the more you have, the less moisture the spaces will accumulate.
  • Air out the house – If you want to avoid humidity and mold, it is recommended to open the windows to ventilate the house. It is enough to do it 5 to 10 minutes, in summer as in winter. However, even on hot days and high temperatures, we need to renew the air in the house
  • Fan in the bathroom – If you plan to put a dehumidifier in the bathroom, it is better to have a fan.
  • Hood – Not everyone knows it, but the kitchen extractor hood is a very useful humidity limiting element. In this case, if we cook the food or use a saucepan and the steam is of considerable proportions, we can turn it on and it will be immediately noticed.
  • Open the window – The best way to remove moisture, if time permits, is to open windows while cooking, ironing or if you have clothes hanging inside the house. Drying the house will be more efficient, more natural, but it also means that the cold or the heat will enter through the window.

How to make a homemade crabs dehumidifier step by step

Another tip we give, on a festive and playful level, is that with the money saved on the dehumidifier that you are no longer going to buy, buy yourself something nice. Why not? In the end, you traded an electrical appliance at 60 euros for a homemade, efficient and very attractive dehumidifier. You earned by having this money for your own benefit

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