How to make a home heat pump

Incredibly simple and inexpensive, this method of heating your home. A collector composed almost entirely of aluminum cans empty spaces that heat the air inside any room in your home. And what is no less important, in an artisanal and artisanal way, with which anyone can try to make one. Try to make your own!


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The outer shell of this original solar collector is made of wood (15mm plywood, recycle wood if you can), while the front is 3mm plexiglass / polycarbonate (tempered glass can be used). The rear of the frame is 20mm rock wool (or Styrodur) as insulation.

solar home heating

This solar water heater is made from reused beer and soda cans, painted with a resistant matte black paint. The top (cover) of the boxes is specially designed to provide greater efficiency in the heat exchange between the boxes and the air passing through them.

House heat pump 2

When the weather is nice, regardless of the temperature outside, the cans heat up the air inside very quickly. The fan blows warm air into the room or the place where you installed it. Simple and easy.

House heat pump 1

With this system, you can save a lot of money on heating.

If you liked the project and would like to try making your own homemade heat pump, the full instructions for its construction can be found by clicking on the following link: Luck!