How to make a homemade chicken feeder

Today we can learn how we can make a totally homemade and functional bird feeder, with simple parts that we can buy at any plumbing store. In a little over an hour, we’ll have a feeder for our birds or any other animal, like dogs or cats.

As you will see, it is simple, inexpensive and it will come in handy in case we need to leave our animals alone for a few days, because a trip has taken place or because we cannot properly support them. In this case I use it for the chicken coop with pallets we made for our chickens and to cover the needs of the two chickens who live there when I am not around.

How to make a chicken feeder 1

Homemade feeder for chickens.

An inexpensive, easy-to-make feeder that you can fill from outside the chicken coop is a great idea. In addition, food lasts for several days and chickens do not waste it.

In addition, if it is placed a bit high, the mice will not eat the bird’s food.

How to make a feeder for chickens 2

Materials needed.

  • The first thing you will need is PVC pipe.
  • You will also need two elbows.
  • Not one more take.
  • And finally, PVC glue.
How to make a chicken feeder 3


  • To begin with, we join the elbows using PVC glue. It must therefore be applied in the joints with the brush, quickly to prevent the material from deforming.
  • Then join the two elbows so that they form a U
  • The next step is to glue one of the elbows.
  • Then place the tube inside your elbow.
  • The fifth step is to glue the cap to the cap, this should only be done halfway.
  • Then insert into the tube as far as the protruding profile allows.
  • Then let it dry for 15 minutes.
  • While these minutes pass, place a piece of wood inside the chicken coop, you will put the feeder there.
  • Then, using the cap cover as a mold, open the chicken coop screen by making a hole.
  • Place the tube and secure it with a metal band screwed to the wood.
  • Then, using a funnel, place the food in the feeder and put on the lid.

You already have a very functional charger ready with very few materials so that your chickens always have their food close at hand.

One advantage that it has is that we can put it at a certain height to avoid many problems with rodents, when they come into the henhouses in search of food, these advantages among others that we tell you in the video. Enjoy the video and I hope you are encouraged to do so.

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