How to make a homemade composter by reusing plastic drums

Having a home composter is an effective way to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and also a way to change the relationship people have to the waste they generate.

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Household composters, by the action of microorganisms and, with the help of worms, transform the remains of fruits and vegetables into a rich compost that is both liquid and solid.

Materials needed.

Cleber Almeida offers its homemade composter using 15 kg plastic cans, in this case margarine or butter. These cans are usually bought by restaurants and bakeries, and many of them end up in the trash. Surely looking, you can get more than one.

This homemade composter consists of three plastic bins stacked and connected by small holes in the bottom.


homemade composter reusing plastic drums1

The first step in starting to work on the composter is to wash the buckets to remove any kind of residue, which can be harmful to the composting process.

homemade composter reusing plastic drums2

After cleaning, we will make several holes in the bottom of the cubes. In this case, a 6mm drill bit was used for the steel, which leaves no burrs on the plastic.

homemade composter reusing plastic drums3

We also need to make smaller holes, with a 3mm drill bit on the sides, to help oxygen get into the drums, as well as the top hub cover.

homemade composter reusing plastic drums4

The cover of the other two drums should be removed, so that the worms can move freely up and down the composter. You can just leave the border as can be seen in the photo below.

homemade composter reusing plastic drums5

Install a tap at the bottom of the last bucket, it will be used to collect the liquid compost that forms during the process of decomposing organic matter.

homemade composter reusing plastic drums6

Three-tier composters should look like this. If you produce more waste, you can add more plants to the system, adding more drums.

homemade composter reusing plastic drums

The author, Cleber Almeida, was inspired by this tutorial:

For more details on how the entire composting process works, check out this comprehensive composting guide.

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