Who has never been ecstatic to listen old legends or ancient stories of beings or objects with special characteristics, whether it is a stone, a piece of wood or if we cross the Atlantic a Dreamcatcher. Today we will learn how to make a homemade dream catcher step by step.

How to make a homemade dreamcatcher step by step

Before we start we must say that slab

dream catchers have their origin in a northern tribe from America, called the Ojibwa tribe. This tribe used circular structures from which feathers hung, placing them on the baby’s bed or cradle. Inside the circular structure and with nettle fiber a kind of spider web has been woven.

According to their legends, dreams came down from the sky, good dreams have slipped on the feathers until you reach the child or sleeping person. While bad dreams, nightmares, they crossed the center get caught in the spider’s web. When the first rays of the sun hit the spider web where the nightmares were trapped, they were gone.

This as to the meaning of dream catchers, let’s see now how to make a homemade dream catcher step by step.

How To Make A Homemade Dreamcatcher Step By Step | materials

Create matching dream catchers

The materials we will use will be materials that we have at home, it is not necessary to buy anything to make a beautiful dream catcher, we just need:

  • A hoop can be any circular structure such as the handle of a bag, an old bracelet, or just a piece of wire to create a circle. Keep in mind that if the hoop is small, the dream catcher will also be small.
  • Feathers, ribbons, braids, strips of fabric, rope, thread, wool, beads, etc.
  • Some pendants that we don’t use
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

Step 1 – Line up the hoop

We must be clear about the material we are going to use line up the hoop and so our dream catcher is more beautiful. If we have chosen rope, wool or ribbon, the way to proceed will be the same. We apply a glue line hot on the hoop.

Now we take the wool or the cord and we wrap ourselves around the hoop, The glue line will hold the bead in place so that it does not move. Make sure there is nothing visible from the ring, that everything is covered. When we already have everything the doubled hoop, we hold the end with tweezers for 5 minutes, until it dries.

Step 2 – let dry

As a precaution and for the project to go well, we will leave for 15 or 20 minutes, so that the glue does its job.

Step 3 – First round

Now it’s our turn weave the net He will catch nightmares and bad dreams, which will be the trickiest part of it. The first thing we’ll do is cut a piece of wool (if this is the material chosen to weave the net), in our case and since the hoop is not very big, we cut about 180 cm.

We take the wool and we tie a knot at the top of the hoop. Now tighten the rope, pass the rope over the hoop then between the wool cord and the hoop, leave a approximate distance of 5 cm.We will repeat this step as many times as necessary until we reach the initial knot.

Stage 4 – Second round and following

Now we have to weave the second round, the way to do it will be the same. We start from the initial knot, where the first round started, it is woven in the same way but instead of passing it over the hoop, we will pass the wool in the middle of the previous round, as can be seen in the previous image.

he rest of the towers will be carried out in the same way, passing the thread over the chain from the previous round. When we get to the center and can no longer knit, we will tie a knot and cut off the rest of the excess wool.

Step 5 – Sleep Ornaments

The part of the dream Catcher in charge of catching nightmares and bad thoughts, now we have to do the opposite part, the part that deals with attract beautiful thoughts to us and pleasant dreams.

For this we can use feathers, like the original ones, or ribbons, bows, fabric, beads, etc. To begin with, quite simply we will cut ribbons to the size we like the most. These bands can be the same or varied color, the same material or different textures.

Iran located at the bottom of the ring, for this it is enough to fold the ribbon in half, pass the ends through the folded loop, as can be seen in the previous image.

Step 6 – Decoration for the dream catcher

Now the imagination kicks in, if you will decorate it with different beads or put some kind of ornament like flowers, feathers, etc. We can insert beads into different strips of wool and then hang them on the ring with a knot. To finish, we take a piece of wool, we fold it in half and we make a knot at the ends, then we pass it through the hoop and we thus obtain the necessary loop for hang it on the wall or on the ceiling.

How to Make a Homemade Dream Catcher Step by Step Crochet or Crochet

Make Dreamcatcher Clear

We can make a homemade crochet dream catcher, for this we will first make a small round rug with the patterns we like the most, always keeping in mind that it is a dream catcher, then choose a pattern that most closely resembles a spider web. Once we have made or bought we will see how to make the dream catcher.


  • Wire or wood hoop
  • Woven rug
  • Lace, threads, laces, lace, etc.
  • Wooden beads, beads, feathers, leaves, buttons
  • Wool sewing needle
  • Scissors

Step by step realization

We catch cotton thread a little thick, to hold the mat to the hoop. The first thing we’re going to do is tie a knot in the hoop and then join the mat.

Thread cotton thread through a needle. We pass the needle through a point on the edge of the backrest and then through the ring, to then go around the ring a few times just to create spaces. Continue like this all around.

When we come to initial node, that is to say at the end of the turn, we tie the thread to the starting knot so everything will stay in place without moving. With the remaining thread we can do a loop that will serve as a hanger.

Then we can make any decorations we want, such as hang strips of wool in different colors and insert, beads, ribbons, pearls or feathers, whatever you want to add will be up to your imagination.

How to make a dream catcher from recycled material

And what if you’re not up for the job of spending a single dollar? In this case, just take a look and learn how to make a dream catcher with recycled materials. Equipment that everyone has at home and if they don’t, a family member can surely leave it for you. What do i need to make a dream catcher with recycled materials?


  • Disposable plates (paper or plastic)
  • Strings
  • Pearls
  • Cable
  • Feathers
  • Wool

You won’t need all of them to make a dream catcher from recycled materials, but if you collect them, there is always time to use them. Yes the basic for the dream catcher to be beautiful are the washing up, the strings and the pearls. Either way, what you end up creating will be unique and personal. Whether it’s for you, or whether you’re going to give it away, the merit is implied.

Step 1 – cut the plate

he disposable platewhether in paper or plastic, This will be the base that we will use for the dream catcher. So, the first thing we need to do is prepare it for this purpose. In this case, we are going to use the outer circumference as the main element, so you have to cut the central part, in which the food is put. Basically, we will stick to the perimeter of the plate, that is, the outer edge.

Step 2 – Season the dish

Once the plate is cut, we will see that it is neither smooth nor dull. It’s time to season the dish. If we want to create a dream catcher, we will do it in the best possible way. So, if the plate is cardboard, just sand the cut to remove burrs. It is worth using a nail file, if you don’t have sandpaper on hand. In plastic case, you can apply heat so that it softens and you can mold it. Be careful not to overheat.

Step 3 – paint the plate

We already have the plate ready to be decorated. From here your imagination is the limit. You can use raincoats, tempera, watercolors, stickers, Vaporizers… What you have on hand at home may be worth it. Nail polish? Why not? Try to get the dream catcher to say something about you. In other words, note that it’s up to you

Step 4 – Drill the plate

Let the dish dry, if applicable, and when it’s ready, it’s time to pierce it. In that case, with an awl or a knife we ​​will make eight holes as symmetrical as possible. Remember that the rope or wool that will form the central frame of the dream catcher will pass through these holes. On a mystical level, it will be the spider’s web that makes you dream. Add three more holes at the bottom to place the suspension elements

Step 5 – weave the spider web

At the time of weave the spider web, you can use whatever you have on hand. We offered rope or wool, but a thread of To sew, peach or any other similar item that you own. While you weave the spider web, go inserting beads, hama beads, accounts… when you have a spider web covering the eight holes and the central area, tie a knot in the back.

Make dream catchers easy

Then, decorate items hanging downstairs. In this case, use three chains or threads of about a length in length and, again, decorate them as desired. This, yes, the traditional recommendation is that they should end with a pen. Don’t have a pen? You can make a bow, put a piece of cloth, or make a pen out of paper or any other material. Either way, your recycled material dream catcher will be finished and ready to use

How to make a dream catcher out of wool

In the video we show you below, from the Brenda Cafter chain, you can find out how to make your own dream catcher with recycled materials, which you can easily find in your home. All you need is cardboard, hangers that you no longer use, and some wool that you left behind from some of your homemade work.

Make feather dreamcatchers

It is your turn to see how these dream catchers have decorative details that you can easily personalize.

How to make a “tree of life” dream catcher

Make turquoise dreamcatchers

he tree of life It is one of the most important symbols, full of meanings that come from ancient times and are still alive today.

On this occasion we are sharing a video of Rox Shana so you can see how to create a tree of life with colorful fragments that can simulate both the crossroads of life and the fruits of the tree itself which symbolize the ‘to come up.

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