Who would have bet that the fashion of drones it was a bubble which passed and which would take little time to explode, he was very confused. These flying objects, more than identified and controlled by the law, have become an element of leisure at the height of the iPad, and in addition to attracting young people and adults, which gives the impression that drones are came to fly to stay.

The only problem with them, at the moment, is their high price. This fact, for the time being, has greatly limited the overcrowding of the streets with small devices flying above our heads. It’s a question of time. Especially when those who do not have the economic possibility to buy one, learn how to make a homemade drone with recycled materials.

Yes, it’s to take Do It Yourself to another level, specifically for the military, yes, with no war goals in sight, or at least we hope so. The purpose of these household drones is purely for fun, for the use and enjoyment of the family. Also, if when done it does manage to take off, the price will be double: your own drone at a good price and your DIY ego through the roof. And the eroticism of power is irresistible.

Now, for those who don’t feel able to do such an engineering job, we’re going to make it easy. Just think that this is a full-size Lego, in which the parts won’t break your foot if you step on them, nor cost you 200 euros, if you buy them already assembled. Having said what we’re going to learn how to make a drone with recycled materials.

How to make a drone with recycled materials

Before you begin, it is imperative that you have all the materials you need for your great job. And the point is that although the structure of the drone is made with common materials in a house, it is possible that, due to these elements of life, some are still missing. Don’t worry, the investment will be minimal, you can even always turn to neighbors or relatives to borrow what you need. They won’t miss it. Insurance.

What do you need:

  • Wooden board: 37cm x 10cm x 1cm
  • Wooden slats: 70 cm x 30 cm x 1 cm
  • 4 nuts
  • 4 screws for M5
  • 6 furniture pins
  • 8 washers for M5

how to do a drone stage

If you still don’t know where to find the material, count on the strip and board you can take from some furniture you have in your home. This also applies to a table or door that you do not use and have stored in the storage room. Now an important detail to take into account, is the law. More precisely, the one that marks the maximum weight of a drone fly in Spain can not exceed 578 grams, then put your mother-in-law’s solid wood door back on.

Regarding the part electronic, things are getting complicated. It makes sense to think that a plank of wood is simpler than a series of cables that we will interconnect to make a household appliance fly, right? Nothing to panic, as we will give you precise and concrete instructions on what you need and where each item goes. In addition, we even have the store where to buy the material: Hobby. At more than reasonable prices, you will find everything you need for your drone.


Click here to go to Hobbyking

What do you need:

  • 4 DJI 920KV motors
  • 1 QBrain inverter for Quadcopters 25 A
  • 5 male-male cables
  • 2 XT60 connectors (male and female)
  • 2 pairs of propellers 09 × 4.7 CW and CCW
  • HK KK2 Controller
  • M2 wood screws
  • 5000mAh 3S battery
  • Sailing ship
  • Flanges

How to make a drone with recycled materials step by step

Of course, we are not going to build a concorde, mainly because some low cost airlines could use it for their airlifts. We will make a device home for his own amusement, until he gives you another hobby. That is to say a basic fuselage with four branches which serve as a support for the engines. That should be enough.

Step 1 – Divide the wooden slat into two equal parts. It is very important that the distance which goes from the motors to the center is equidistant and away. The goal is for the propellers to have a lot of space to be able to capture all the air possible and better hold the flight.

2nd step – With the divided strip, we glue each of the pieces on both sides of the board, that is, so that it remains H shaped, as perfect as it gets, with the board in the middle.

Step 3 – We stick it paws for furniture under the two slats, one at each end and another pair in the central area. Although it’s hard to believe it will be the landing gear. It is recommended that the pins be a similar distance apart, although it is not life or death that the beads do not come out perfect.

Step 4 – Press play and follow the instructions. Playing electronic part And if we tell you, it won’t end well. Better watch this video and follow the recommendations …

Finished your drone, do not forget the safety recommendations before you fly it. And is that, without eating or drinking it, you can end up in a mess. Imagine that the drone goes directly towards a pedestrian and hits him; or that a person, however anonymous, thinks that it is registered; Or worse yet, you cause electrical damage, when your drone collides with a high voltage cable. Prepare the portfolio.

For this reason, it is important that you look for a clear and wide area away from urban centers. The fewer people there are, the fewer potential victims there are. Additionally, you need to check out the environment, Oliver Queen, and check out the items you may collide with. Take a few turns, there is always something ready to break your brand new drone made.

Be careful with the height. If you go up, you will end up without a drone when you lift it. The recommendation is not to raise it more than five meters. And, the higher you go, the less control you have over the machine. Also, if something is wrong and you are standing, hitting someone can be fatal.

The five meter rule, also apply it with yourself. Don’t bring it too close to your body, that the propellers can cut your hair, an ear or worse without you realizing it. If you go with more people, all close together and not moving too much when the drone is out.

how to make a pro drone

Don’t push the drone, you are not the Schumacher of drones. If you put it at full speed first, you will eventually burn out the engine. Give it time, give it a try, and give it space for you to get to know yourself. All improvements in the following appointments …

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