With the heat, the windows are open much longer and it is easier for flies to enter the house to disturb us. If you can’t get them out of the house, don’t worry because in DIY10 We have prepared for you some homemade tips to make a fly swatter and all this without leaving the house and with very simple things. In this article we will see how to make a homemade fly swatter with water bags, with a CD, homemade flyswatter with vinegar, homemade flyswatter with aromatic plants, homemade flyswatter with incense, homemade flyswatter with paper, homemade flyswatter with sugar and soap, homemade flyswatter with plastic bottle Ready to kill the flies?

fly swatter-house-fly

Homemade fly swatter with water bags

When you do your shopping at the greengrocer, do not throw the bags where you put the fruits and vegetables because we need you the bags are transparent. Once you have the bags, the stuffed with three quarters of water about. Tie a tight knot so that the water does not overflow and hang them outside the house, near the door or windows. Because the bag is transparent, sunlight is refracted in the water and forms prisms that prevent flies from entering your home. It’s as simple as that!

homemade water bags

Homemade fly swatter with CD

You may have seen it hanging in a garden or patio, and if you have a CD that you no longer use, you may find it useful to drive away flies as the reflecting light scares them off. The more CDs you put the better because they don’t even come close to you, can we try that?

home remedies-fly swatter-cd

Homemade fly swatter with vinegar

In the previous remedy we saw a remedy to prevent them from entering the house, but if you are more into the action and want to kill them but they get away from you, be very careful! If they are very fast and they go away, don’t worry because White vinegar it will be your salvation to slow down the flight and that you can end it.

White vinegar contains acetic acid that when you spray it on the flies it makes them move more slowly and you can drive them away. So if you have an aerosol spray of a cleaning product that you’re going to throw away, grab it and add half a glass of water and half of white vinegar. Once you have it, shake it to mix well and be prepared for the next fly, spray it well with the product.

homemade fly swatter with white vinegar

Homemade flyswatter with aromatic plants

To scare away flies and that they do not enter the house, we recommend that you take a piece of aromatic plant like rosemary, mint or thyme … and put it on the windowsill because the smell of the plant repels them and they do not enter the house to disturb themselves, very simple!


Homemade fly swatter with incense

If you like incense, try lighting some incense you have around the house with strong aromas such as lavender, sandalwood, or eucalyptus near the window as the smoke and aroma them. will disappear.

home remedies-fly swatter-incense

Homemade fly swatter with paper

Flies keep pestering you at home? Well let them get ready because we have a deadly remedy with homemade fly paper.

What materials will we need to make the homemade fly swatter from paper?

– Solid paper or cardboard

-Two cups of sugar

-Two cups of honey

-Two cups of water

-Rope or wire

-The scissors

– Cooking pot

With short scissors paper in strips In the measures you prefer, do not make them too small because otherwise it will be easier for the flies to escape. At one end of the paper, make a small hole with the scissors and put a piece of rope in the hole.


Now we’re going to make him the sweet concoction to fool the flies, so we put the saucepan to heat with sugar, honey and water and we heat it while continuing to mix. Once you have it, turn off the heat and dip each strip of paper with this sweet mixture that we have prepared. Prepare a tray so as not to dirty the kitchen, to let the strips drip until they dry. Place the strips of paper in strategic places where you know flies tend to be present and wait for them to drop like flies.

After a few days, throw the paper in the trash and repeat the same process as many times as needed. Have you tried? How did it work for you?


House fly with sugar and soap

In all the houses they have materials as basic as sugar and liquid soap. Use a small bowl for this very effective bait and pour in half a cup of water and two tablespoons of sugar and mix well. Once unified, add a few drops of the liquid soap we use to wash the dishes and that’s it! Perfect match because sugar attracts flies and soap catches them because it greases their wings preventing them from escaping and they end up drowning in the container.


Homemade fly swatter with plastic bottle

One of the simplest and most effective remedies is this Take Note! To begin with, we need a plastic soda bottle that we have at home to throw away. Once you have the bottle, we cut it more or less than half, about three-quarters of a bottle, and don’t throw away the top that will serve as a funnel later.

Put a saucepan to heat with (3/4 l) water and bring to a boil approximately for 10 minutes. We are waiting for the estimated time for you to lower the fire to a minimum and add 4 tablespoons of sugar, mix well and let cool.

fly swatter-bottle-house

While we allow it to lose heat, we prepare the bottle. As it is very unpleasant to see how the flies land there in the bottle, we encourage you to cover with fabric that does not work for you, cardboard or for me the easiest way is to cover it with black adhesive tape. When you’ve covered it, use the top of the bottle and place it inside with the spout down.

Once the water is more or less at room temperature, add a yeast packet. You got it ready to pour into the bottle, a death trap! They are attracted to the CO2 and the other gases released by the yeast, they do not resist and it is for them a bath without turning back. Change the water with the mixture every 3 weeks to be efficient and for hygiene.

homemade fly swatter

We hope our home remedies have helped you fight flies. Can you tell us which one worked for you?

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