How to make a homemade fruit bowl with a wooden box

We are going to start the year with a very handcrafted homemade fruit bowl.


  • 1 wooden fruit basket.
  • Newspaper.
  • White glue and hot or cold silicone.
  • Water-based paint in the colors you prefer.
  • Felt in the color of your preference.
  • Sisal rope.
  • Brush, ruler, pencil, scissors.

Step 1. Homemade fruit bowl.

If the basket is like the one in this photo, you remove the base which is attached with wires.

homemade fruit bowl 1

You glue the newspaper inside and out on all four sides and wait for it to dry.

homemade fruit bowl 2

I wanted the newsprint to have only small print.

Step 2. Homemade fruit bowl.

Paint on the newspaper. In this case, I did it with white paint, a very thin layer so that the newspaper letters could be seen in the background.

homemade fruit bowl 3

Then, on 2 sides I wrote “my fruits” and on the other two I made fruits, leaves and flowers only black.

homemade fruit bowl 4

You can change this and create the design you want using the colors you want.

Step 3.

Before putting the base back in the same way it was laid, cut the felt to the size you need for the interior.

homemade fruit bowl 5

The felt does not stick to the base, so it can be removed for washing or changing.

Step 4.

With the sisal rope you decorate the upper part covering the corners. In each corner place hot or cold silicone, so that the rope remains fixed and does not move. You do this until you get to the top.

homemade fruit bowl 6

And the fruit bowl is ready!

Now unleash your creativity and make your own, it’s that easy!

For any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to write to us.

Author: Naule Arvelo.