How to make a homemade gift box

You can make beautiful gift boxes with your own designs and the colors you like the most, with very few materials and in minutes, keep reading and We will explain to you how to make a beautiful homemade gift box.

How to make homemade gift boxes.

Receiving a gift is always exciting, but having it delivered in a handmade box, made by the same person, is much more beautiful.

Why not learn how to make our own gift boxes? Yes it’s simple and it will be super original.

Materials needed.

  • The first thing you need is a cardboard box in the color you prefer or the design you want. Use all the paper you can reuse.
  • You will also need a piece of colored paper if you want to line the box.
  • You also need pencils, scissors, squares.
  • To finalize a CD that you no longer use.


It is quite simple and fast.

  • To begin with, you need to place the cardboard on the table.
  • Then place the CD on the carton.
  • Then you need to make a dot in the center of the CD hole, then mark the cardboard.
  • The next step is to use the square to draw a vertical line and another horizontal line on the cardboard.
  • Then make sure both lines pass over the point you marked.
  • Then draw the circumference with the CD, using the point you marked as a reference.
  • Now use the CD to draw semicircles on all the edges of the circle you made and the lines.
  • Then you are going to draw another circle on the bottom side which is attached to the previous one.
  • Then cut out the drawn figure.
  • The next step is to draw a semicircle on each edge and fold them into a tab. Then put them together to form the box.
  • Finally, to close it, tie it with the thread and separate, make a ball of yarn with two strips to decorate the box once you introduce the gift.

Fast, easy, inexpensive and original, a project that must be tried.