How to make a homemade hanging garden

Today we are sharing this phenomenal tutorial with which you can make your own hanging garden, great for that wall you have at home without using to grow your own herbs and vegetables. You can see the satisfaction of growing your own food.


  • Drill.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Sierra 4 “.
  • 4 boards of 1 x 5.
  • 16 pots.
  • 10 m of rope 1 or 1.5 cm in diameter.
  • 32 pliers.

Ideally, you should reuse as much material as possible.


The project will be easy for you if you follow these instructions:

Step 1.

How To Make A Home Hanging Garden 1

We make the holes where the jars will go with the glass saw.

In the sides we will make 2 holes on each side, through them will pass the rope that will serve as a structure. Take care to sand any imperfections in the wood.

2nd step.

How to make a homemade hanging garden 2

Cut 4 ropes of 2.5 meters. Once we have all the boards ready, we will pass them to join them.

We will tie a knot in the last plank, so we will fix the rope from below.

Step 3.

How to make a homemade hanging garden 3

Once the ropes are passed, we hang them from the top to what we have at hand, we need them to continue working.

We must not make knots because the boards are sure to be twisted, for this we will use the plastic clamps.

How to make a homemade hanging garden 4

And nothing else, you just need to put the pots in their respective holes and start planting your herbs and vegetables.

How to make a homemade hanging garden


The bottom plants should be moisture tolerant plants.


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