How to Make a Homemade Heron Fountain

Today we are going to do something that does not require electricity to run, although it will look really different. We will be making the Heron fountain with fairly common materials and in recycled crates. It’s a very easy project to do and it would be ideal to do with the little ones around the house. A lesson in fluid dynamics or perpetual motion.

Heron (Hero) of Alexandria was an inventor and a mathematician. He is well known for his steam engine, Aeolipile, and many other pneumatic inventions. (Wikipedia). Today we are going to make one of his inventions, the “fountain of the heron”.

The materials we need will not cost us more than 2 euros.


  • 3 bottles of water.
  • 3 plastic tubes of 22-28-38 cm respectively.
  • Clay.

Note: The tube can be one used for aquariums or rigid plastic tubes. Almost any tube would work, even flexible, but with the rigid it is really easier.

You will also need a few tools to work:

  • The scissors.
  • Drill.
  • Drill bit, slightly smaller than the diameter of the pipes.


Step 1: drop the sources.

Cut the bottles in half as in the photo. Don’t throw away the bottom of the bottle, it can be used to fill the fountain when we’re done.

Step 2: Drill.

You will need 2 holes in each plug. Use a piece of wood to support the cover.

Step 3: Drilling the holes part 2.

When you are done with the first cap, use it as a guide to pierce the rest of the caps. We need all plugs and holes to be the same.

Step 4: Connect the tubes.

Connect the tubes as in the diagram above. All connections must be watertight. Otherwise, add a small amount of modeling clay to seal around the tubes. Air is able to lift water as long as it is in a tightly closed room.

Note: Make sure the tube is the correct height in each bottle. These heights are very important.

Step 5: Add water and enjoy your fountain.

All you have to do is fill the bottle {b} and screw the whole system on. To start the fountain, add water to the top bottle. Enjoy your homemade Heron platter.