How to make a homemade hourglass

Making an hourglass is quite easy. It has always been a useful and reliable instrument. We can make our hourglass with recycled materials without any problem.

I will recommend two methods, one with single use plastic cups and one with plastic bottles.

Hourglass with plastic cups.

The result is incredible, and it works, depending on how much sand you put, the watch will take more or less time to discharge from one cup to another.

We will need two plastic cups, wooden sticks, sand, a cereal box, a candle, a glue gun and a few other materials of your choice depending on the decorations you want to make.

Materials to use

  • The first material you need are two plastic cups.
  • You also need 3 pali-balloons, streamers and dough to decorate.
  • Also sand.
  • On the other hand a box of cereals and a piece of cardboard.
  • Also a 1 cm thick cap.
  • Also a cutter, scissors, two lenses, 1 exact, 1 candle and a silicone gun.
  • Finally, acrylic paints, a palette and brushes.


  1. The first thing to do is to create the model.

  2. Then remove the cereal box and draw the template on it 4 times and cut it out.

  3. Then you need to cut two pieces from the cork and cut them with the cutter.

    Then sand its edges.

  4. Then measure the thickness of the cork with the ruler and cut strips in the cardboard, leaving 5 mm to the left on each side.

    Fold these 5mm and make small cuts to turn them into lashes.

  5. Glue this tab on one of the cardboard molds, insert the cap.

    Glue the next cardboard cover. Repeat with both mussels.

  6. Now, using the exact candle and candle, you are going to remove the base of the cups and completely cut the bottom part into one of them and the other half only.

  7. Then you need to sand and stick with silicone.

  8. The next step is to place the mica on one side and pour the sand in, then place the mica on the other side.

  9. To make the base, paint the pali-balloons in one color, with the serpentine make six rolls to be placed at the end of each pali-balloon.

  10. Open 3 holes in each base and insert the globes in one first, placing the serpentine rollers at the end.

    Place the clock in the center and place the other mold on top with its rolls like the previous one.

  11. Next, proceed to making 6 rolls of streamers for the legs and place them covering the holes in the molds.

  12. Now place the paste as you want to make decorations and paint as you like.

How to make an hourglass with plastic bottles.


We will need:

  • Two small plastic bottles.
  • Cutter.
  • Tape.
  • Fine sand.
  • Tool for piercing bottle caps.
  • Funnel.

An ideal project to do with the little ones in the house.