How to make a homemade mini USB lamp

It sounds a bit complicated, but on the contrary, it is very easy and in just 5 minutes you will have a creative way to light up your study area or the place where you have the computer.

At the initiative of Project your mind, we raised the idea of ​​making a homemade mini USB lamp. In addition to being practical and modern, it is easy to mobilize so that you can connect it to any USB port and so you can light up small spaces while you work, check your cell phone or read.

Few materials.

The materials we will need are as follows:

  • A male USB connector, (the connector housing and the connector itself are disassembled, so that cables can be loosened and reused. The connector can be from a data cable from an IOS mobile device.
  • A white led light.
  • A resistance of 100 Ohm.
  • A manual welder.

We have started …

We start to take advantage of the data cable, we dismember it to remove two of its 4 internal cables, black and red, after that we solder the 100 ohm resistor to the positive of the USB connector, then, we solder the black cable to the negative.

Then we double the 100 ohm resistor and solder the red wire to the center of it. To avoid a short circuit, it is recommended to put hot silicone on the contacts.

After having already placed the silicone, we put the connector back together, inserting the cables into the lower hole and keeping the original structure with the outer cover that we have detached to disassemble it.

How to make a homemade mini USB lamp

Then with the Led bulb, we cut the legs a little, it could be with a nail clipper, taking into account and considering that the longest leg will be the positive leg and the shorter part the negative. Likewise, we cut the cables coming out of the connector a little and with the same nail clippers we remove a few millimeters of the plastic covering the cable to generate the contact tips.

Finally and to complete the development of the new lamp, we solder the tips of the led bulb to the contact tips of the cables, remembering that the longest leg of the led is the positive leg and passes over the red cable , and the shorter leg is the negative leg and it is attached to the black cable, then we put some hot glue, also to prevent the cables from touching each other, and pushing a little to adjust and fit into the hole , we fix the bulb to the connector housing.

There we hold the bulb for a few minutes to fix it and we check the finishes, to remove and clean the glue residue on the sides before it dries completely and we cannot remove them.

Ready, we already have an original and practical lamp that will accompany us in all places and that could be the most original gift of this season, whether for a birthday or for the person or the member of the family and we appreciate it very much and we want to surprise you with something unique like this homemade mini USB lamp.


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