With the arrival of summer, we welcome the sun and the heat, but also the bites of mosquitoes and flies. If you want to get rid of these insects, don’t miss out on how to do this mosquito and fly trap. You will only need to recycle an old one tire and follow the steps we explain below in DIY10.

mosquito-fly trap

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Next, we will see how to make mosquito and fly traps with recycled tires. Join us by following all the steps, to achieve this trap easily.

Mosquito and fly traps made from recycled tires

With the arrival of summer comes the boring ones flies who enter our house and also mosquito bites. Surely you’ve heard a lot of home remedies to avoid these insects, but you still have not managed to get rid of them. We have a simple, economical and efficient solution for you: mosquito and fly trap made with recycled tires. Here we explain where and how this ingenious idea was born.


This mosquito and fly trap was born in Guatemala and appeared as a remedy for Mosquito Aede who carries yellow fever. It is known as Ovillanta and according to the results obtained, it seems really effective. It was created by experts from Laurentian University in Ontario in Canada and now comes to DIY10.

Mosquito and fly traps: step by step

It is amosquito repellent ramp made from an old tire, who is able to kill mosquito eggs. It’s not just an invention simple and inexpensive, but it is also environmentally friendly since we use the recycling to his favorite. When the evidence was analyzed to test ovillanta, it was observed that it collected and destroyed over 18,000 mosquito eggs per month, seven times more than those collected with other types of traps. During the 10 months that this trap has been tested, no reports of dengue fever have been collected in the area, while at other times up to three dozen cases have been reported.


the aedes mosquito It is not only a carrier of yellow fever, as it can also transmit other viruses such as Zika, dengue or chikungunya. The World Health Organization has deployed all its means to avoid this situation, but they explain the difficulty of controlling this mosquito due to its resistance to pesticides and lack of resources. The situation is worsening due to the increase in their presence in children’s environments, which leads to the non-application of many aggressive measures against this type of mosquito.

Mosquito and fly traps: La ovillanta

We will now find out what ovillanta really is. The ovillanta is formed by two sections of a tire 50 centimeters, positioned in the shape of a mouth next to a fluid relief valve at the bottom. In this one non-toxic milky solution which attracts mosquitoes. This solution includes a pheromone that makes female mosquitoes believe it is safe to lay their eggs. Mosquitoes enter here and lay their eggs on a strip of wood or paper that will be removed twice a week. Finally, the solution is drained and filtered so that it can be reused in the trap.

Laurentian University Principal Investigator Gerardo Ulibarri explains why they decided to use recycled tires: “They are a universally accessible tool in low resource settings, and in part because they give old tires a new use, thus creating an opportunity to clean the local environment ”, in addition to the frequency with which mosquitoes use tires to reproduce (29%).

mosquito and fly trap

One of the main reasons this trap is defended is its cost. Ovillana is a third of the price it costs to kill larvae in ponds, and only 20% of what it costs to target adult insects with pesticides. In addition, these pesticides also affect other natural predators such as bats and dragonflies.

Mosquito and fly traps: homemade mosquito repellant

Surely you have heard a lot of tips to prevent mosquitoes from entering our house. Here we present you, step by step, a simple and effective solution for which you will only need three ingredients.


Homemade mosquito repellent: ingredients

  • 1/2 liter of alcohol
  • 1 packet of cloves (100g)
  • 1 glass of baby oil or similar (100 ml)

Homemade mosquito repellent: Preparation

To prepare this homemade mosquito repellant, just soak the cloves in alcohol for four days and shake it morning and night. When it’s ready, we’ll need to add the baby oil or body oil to our mixture. We can use any type of body oil, be it almond, lavender … We can also use chamomile or fennel instead.

Homemade mosquito repellent: how to use it

It will be enough to apply a few drops of the mixture that we have made, on the legs and arms. This substance prevents mosquitoes from sucking blood, which will reduce their proliferation. Cloves are also very useful for other home remedies such as scaring away ants that may come out in our kitchen or scaring off fleas from our pets.

Video showing how to make mosquito and fly traps

Here we present a video in which we show you how to make this trap for mosquitoes and flies.

Mosquito and Fly Trap Gallery

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