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Collecting rainwater means having a precious resource, which allows us to save on the use of drinking water and to recover a very precious good, even when it is not necessary. Think how well this suits us free and clean water, for example, for watering orchards and gardens.

Rainwater harvesting: advantages and uses.

  1. Rainwater collected and filtered can be used for house cleaning and laundry. Its washing efficiency is greater and saves both drinking water and the use and purchase of detergents and anti-scale for the washing machine.
  2. The use of rainwater is suitable for flushing the toilet without fear of lime. Rainwater does not contain any.
  3. Water the garden or orchard without wasting water, thus saving drinking water.
  4. Thanks to special collection systems, rainwater can also be used for personal hygiene, for filling the bathtub and for brushing teeth, as well as for the shower.
  5. The use of rainwater is suitable for cleaning the floor and washing dishes by hand, as well as for the car.

One of the simplest systems for collecting rainwater for irrigation is to place one or more large enough cisterns in the garden or orchard. Even those with a balcony or patio can collect rainwater by placing a few buckets in the most suitable places. This will allow you to water your plants, vegetable patch and garden during the summer months without having to resort to drinking water.

Homemade rainwater harvesting system.

Although you are not very good at DIY, you can build your own rainwater harvesting system.

It is important to pay special attention to choosing the point in the house to place the tank and its height above the ground. At least one rainwater distribution pipe must be connected. There are many types of collection pipes and tanks for sale. For the vegetable patch and the garden, it can be useful to have a tap to automate the watering.

Installation of a rainwater collection system.

By following the instructions in the video we provide, you can understand how easy the installation of an outdoor or garden rainwater harvesting system can be. Once you have the necessary tools, you can proceed with the installation. Rainwater collection systems collect rainwater from rooftops, filter it, store it in tanks and reuse it for garden or domestic use.