How to make a homemade sundial

A sundial will help us to know the time with its shadow depending on its position. A very simple system to know the time without having to resort to any machine. But make no mistake, designing a sundial is not at all easy. We will have to take into account the location in which we are going to place this watch, to perform complex calculations. We can also do them easily through a website which will facilitate the calculation.

Although it seems like a little complicated project, it is really very simple. At first glance, it seems that it was difficult, because in order to achieve it it is necessary to take into account the longitude, latitude, orientation of where the needle should go, time zone and perform all of these calculations. But this is not the case.

How to make a homemade sundial.

Once you go to the page and fill in the fields, making the clock is a matter of seconds. Read on and I’ll walk you through everything you need to do.

  1. Let’s get to work, we’ll go to the web

    where after providing the location of the sundial we can download a printable page on paper, which we will only have to print, cut and fold to have our homemade sundial.

  2. Once you go to the page and fill in the fields, making the clock is a matter of seconds.

  3. Once you find your address on the map, choose the wall or where you want to place the sundial.

    Orientation, window or wall, paper dial, calendar time, choose the time zone and click on create a clock.

  4. It will send you to another page it will send you to when you click on Create Clock.

    In this case, you will see something similar to the previous map, but where you will have the location, data, and model of the sundial you want to create.

  5. Print the template that created the page with the data you provided.

  6. Cut out the template.

  7. Make the fold in the triangle that will act as a needle.

    If you are using the clock on the wall, fold it forward. If, on the other hand, you use it on the window, you must bend the needle on the side upside down.

  8. Place the sundial in the location you have chosen.

    Then you can see how the shadow behind the paper indicates the hours very precisely.

As you can see, it is not at all difficult. Now it’s a matter of find the page and start making your watch, without tedious calculations.

Here is a video tutorial that will take you step by step: