How to make a homemade swing bench

An outdoor space will never be complete without a swing. If you have free space in your yard or garden, building a swing can be a great idea and your whole family will be happy and benefit from it. The children will have a place where they can spend free time in the spring and the adults will be able to have a pleasant and relaxing time soaking up the rays of the sun, as well as enjoying a night under a starry sky.

An outdoor swing isn’t a cheap investment, but you can make it more affordable build yourself and use recycled materials. You can search for pallets and some of the wood will be completely free. The estimated duration of this project will depend on your expertise, but it is estimated to be around 6 to 9 hours on average.

How to make a homemade finished swing bench

This is why we have chosen this type of swing, it can be done at home and you can find the full instructions in this link.

Plans for making a homemade swing bench

You can make this same swing, using the exact measurements in the picture or make another one using it as a reference, changing the dimensions to suit the size of your patio or free space.

Once the swing is ready, you can make yourself some comfy pillows and find blankets to stay warm and enjoy the summer nights 😉