How to make a homemade watering can from a plastic bottle

Sometimes we find ourselves in the dilemma of buying a good watering can for the house, for our houseplants or for watering our seedlings, we even buy a watering can with a lot of money and when we get home we find that this was a total fraud, the watering can bought because it does not meet our expectations and goes into a closet forever.

How To Make A Watering Can How To Make A Homemade Watering Can From A Plastic Bottle

However, we can also forget spend money in things that we can do at home with a little effort and that will always give us a lot more satisfaction. I offer you a video where we have the solution to make a homemade watering can and reuse and recycle again, plastic bottles, which generates so many environmental problems.

How to make a PET bottle watering can

Let me write some things that I emphasize in the video like the importance of cleanliness of the hole i.e. as perfect as possible because otherwise we will find that the jet will come out on the sides, which will give us more problems than it solves for us.

It doesn’t matter which bottle to use, a lot depends on how easy it is to handle and how comfortable it is, so I always use a 750ml bottle which is great for me.

I leave you with the video and hope it helps you and you put it into practice, I’m sure you will be happy to see your little plants, watered with this watering can.

Text and video: Toni Frito.

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