How to make a homemade wind turbine

A very interesting project, with a raw material quite easy to obtain, we can assemble our small wind turbine to place it in the place of our house where the wind blows the most. It is not a very complicated project.

This prototype generates 8 volts, with little wind around 4 V.


We will need electronic components, 2 liter PET bottles, their caps, epoxy additive, glue, a pair of thin metal bars for the arms, motor and some items to use as a support.

How to make a homemade wind turbine.

Step 1.

Wind sensors for the rotor blades, with PET bottles.

Wind turbine house

The bottle pieces will help catch the wind to move your four arms.


In the first prototype, four pairs of caps were used, with their corresponding bottle parts, which did not perform as well as expected, so it was decided to leave only one at each end, thus increasing performance. , reducing wind resistance and increasing rotation speed.


2nd step.

Pair collectors with arms.


For this purpose, bottle caps are used, glued with epoxy, although for safety they are wrapped with insulating tape. The metal arms of this prototype have a length of 46 cm and a width of 2.5 cm. Epoxy was used to secure the caps at each end, and also to join the arms together at the cross. It is important to allow the epoxy to harden before continuing with the process. Simply screw the heads of the bottles into the caps to have the manifolds ready.

Step 3.

Attach sensors to the blade arms.

Wind turbine house

Step 4.

Mount the motor. An old printer engine was used in the prototype.

Wind turbine house

Step 5.

Finally, a support for the turbine should be built, for which wooden planks were used, although it is recommended to test the motor beforehand before fixing it. In the last part of this process, small solar panels were added to help the turbine start spinning.


Full instructions in English can be found here.