decorated ecological kayak

Today we are proposing a material reuse project which for the most part will not cost you much to obtain, today you can make your own eco-friendly kayak by reusing plastic bottles. This will allow us to navigate at zero cost, reduce and reuse waste.

To begin with, we will need 5 liter jugs, which we will cut and join with pieces of vinyl.


Until forming a floating “churro” of the desired length (two seats), which will be the bow or the stern. We leave the rings to the decanters at the ends to be able to transport the ship.


Line; A few decanters and a piece of PVC pipe.

rowing ecological kayak

The bottom with a piece of light patio plate.

ecokayak background

The bow.

bow ecokayak

The seats with remnants of methacrylate.

ecokayak seats


rear ecokayak

The brackets for the rods, which in turn will be used to assemble the bracket.

ecokayak rod holder

Wheeled carrier of a broken schoolbag.

eco-kayak transport

Side handle in raffia rope and a piece of irrigation hose.

side handle ecokayak

It is already taking shape …

ecokayak structure

Reflective vinyl on the arch for viewing at night.

ecokayak vinyl bow

Work on the keel. For more buoyancy and more stability.

keel kayaking

Recycled paint composed of ink from the trash can of the printing plotter and polystyrene remnants of the 3D murals. This little thing “absorbed” an entire bag of pieces of polystyrene. It gives more consistency to the ink and makes it waterproof.

ecokayak painting

First coat of paint.

painting ecokayak1

Keel. There is less …

keel kayaking1

Waterproof container for mobile, cigarettes, lighter and anything that cannot get wet. Snap fit in case it needs to be removed. Simple but necessary.

waterproof ecokayak boat

Completed the process of adding decanters.

keel ecokayak2

Decoration finished, launch imminent!

decorated ecological kayak

decorated ecokayak1

ecokayak decoration3

final eco-kayak

Project made by Digital painting.