How to make an aluminum foil kitchen knife

Believe it or not with foil you can create a very sharp knife. You must have tools and a little patience. But the result is worth it.

How to make an aluminum knife.

This project requires the use of certain tools and doing the job very carefully as you will be using fire and the material will heat up. Wear gloves and always grip with the tweezers.

Materials needed.

  • To start, you need a roll of aluminum foil.
  • Also an iron hammer and a wooden one.
  • Also some tweezers
  • A marker, a piece of wood
  • A knife to use as a mold for the one you are going to make.
  • And finally a hacksaw, screws, metal files and a water file.


  1. The first thing to do is to remove half of the aluminum foil from the roll you are going to work with.

  2. Then with a metal hammer, hit the entire tube with the rest of the paper, on both sides.

  3. Then using the wooden hammer, insert it inside the cardboard tube, screw it to move it and be able to remove it from the aluminum foil.

  4. The next step is to flatten the aluminum foil again with the metal hammer on both sides.

  5. Then you need to bring the paper to the stove and heat half of it so that you can hold it with the tweezers on the cold side.

  6. The next step is to cool the caliper with a damp cloth.

  7. Then take the other half of the foil from the stove and heat.

  8. Then flatten the paper again by tapping the hammer on both sides.

  9. Then you need to keep flattening with the hammer until you notice that it has become a solid aluminum plate.

  10. Now take the knife and use it as a template to draw with a marker on the foil.

  11. The next step is to cut the shape of the knife with a hacksaw.

  12. Replace the saw blade if necessary before completing the cut.

  13. Then start filing with a metal file until the edges are even.

  14. Bring the knife to the fire so you can separate it in half. You will only use one of the halves to make a knife.

  15. Then you have to knock to flatten one of the halves that you have separated again.

  16. Now start sanding the entire knife with water based sandpaper.

  17. Then sand with a dampened metal file, to remove the edge of the knife.

How to make the handle of the knife.

  • Now draw the handle of the knife on a piece of wood.
  • Cut it, then divide the handle into two halves and sand the wood.
  • The next step is to mark the wood and knife where you will open the holes.
  • Open them with a little then screw.
  • Cut the rest of the screws, then start smoothing the entire knife.

With this procedure, you will already have a sharp, homemade aluminum knife.

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