Tetrabox lamp.  Lamp with tetrabriks

We were surprised when we saw how this malay, Ed chew, turned the tetrabriks into beautiful lamps. The system is quite simple, it forms geometric figures with the recycled briks, to join them later in one piece. I paste the pictures of the process because it is easier to see it than to explain it.

If you are interested in homemade recycled lamps, we recommend these items: PET lamp. Lamps with wire from PET bottles / Make your own lamp with tin rings / Lamp with a PET bottle and plastic spoons.

Here are the instructions:

1. Obtain containers of milk or juice, wash them and let them dry.

Ed chew1

2.- Cut the material about 10cm x 2cm, the measurement depends on needs and taste. Make 5 folds.

Ed chew2

3.- Once you have the pieces, join them together using the same material.

Ed Chew3

4.- You can choose between a pentagon or a hexagon.

Ed chew4

5.- Since you have enough pieces, you have to start gluing one by one until you get the circle of the size you want, remember to leave a few tabs to make the union easier. Remember to leave the hole for the bomb.

Ed Chew5

The folding technique does not require glue to hold each of the modules.

Tetrabox lamp
Ed chew8

Here is the result:

Ed Chew14
Ed chew10
Ed chew9

If you prefer, you can see the video instructions:

Designate: Ed chew.