How to make a laptop stand out from a cardboard box

This cardboard laptop stand will help you work more comfortably. Improve your head position and viewing angle when working on your laptop.

How to make a cardboard laptop stand

Materials needed.

  • Strong cardboard box.
  • Also a ruler, a pencil, some duct tape.
  • Also scissors, brush, newspaper.
  • Finally, glue and spray paint.


It is a fairly simple project, which you can also do without any problem if you follow our step by step.

  1. First disassemble the cardboard box to be able to recover the pieces.

  2. Then, with a ruler and pencil, measure the height needed for the head to be in the correct position.

  3. Then draw the pieces and cut them out.

  4. Then you need to cut four pieces for the legs of the stand.

  5. Then glue the legs in pairs, making only two reinforced legs.

  6. Also cut four strips of cardboard with protrusions where you will open a slit on each side to then assemble the pieces.

  7. The next step is also to glue these tapes back together and get two supports with them.

  8. Additionally, the feet should also have a slot where the brackets fit.

  9. Then place masking tape around the edge of all the backing pieces.

  10. Then prepare a mixture of three parts glue and one part water.

  11. Now, with a brush, spread the mixture on all the parts.

  12. The next step will be to cover with newspaper, using the same mixture.

  13. Now let it dry completely.

  14. Finally, paint the parts with the spray paint of your choice.

  15. Finally assemble the pieces.

That’s all you gotta do the stand is durable and when painted it will look great on your desk.

Laptop stand with a pizza box.


Russian Ilya Andreev brings us this idea, a laptop stand with a pizza box. Of course, every day I see all kinds of reuse for a multitude of everyday waste, but this medium really surprised me. It will surely not be very durable but it will be very original. He would never have thought of using the pizza box for this.

I have to admit that I am not going to do this, I do not have these type of boxes in my life, but if one falls into my hands by chance I will try it. Here you have the instructions in pictures, who is encouraged ???

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