How to make a newspaper bag

Plastic bags are serious damage to the environment, everyone knows this or should know it. They are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource whose exploitation damages the environment, sometimes in catastrophic proportions – like oil spills that destroy flora and fauna in large areas around the world.

Not to mention that they take about 300 years to decompose.

There are many options for getting rid of it. Ecological bags first came as a solution to plastic bags in the supermarket. Today, many countries prohibit their use, in the case of Senegal, or limit it by forcing supermarkets not to offer them for free. But we can also make our contribution by using bags that do not pollute and in addition that we can make ourselves. Two examples:

Made by Juliana Valentini: a bag with newspaper for garbage.

How to make a newspaper bag instructions

Made with typical origami folds, they help in the decomposition of waste, which in direct contact with the environment occurs more quickly than inside a plastic bag.

The process is very simple and takes around 20 seconds. You only need to use one, two or even three sheets of paper at a time which increases the difficulty as we add more bags.

A bag with newspaper, ideal for gifts:

All with the desire to reduce plastic consumption.