Give me a number from one to ten. Now choose a color. Let’s see … You are magnificent! If this song takes you back to your childhood, this post will make you fall in love. And is that we will teach you how to make a paper kite.

how to make a kite monster

Yes, those numbers on paper that for 80s and 90s they were an essential part in all the schools of Spain. The ones that could make you stand out, never better said, by picking a negative qualifier, forcing you to take the world’s most absurd test, or by revealing who the boy or girl you loved was. Well yes, despite eight options, it still came out who you were madly in love with.

How to make a paper kite

Despite being a art Japanese, where they develop it with a mastery far superior to ours, make a paper kite he always applies the technique of origami. Or as we know it in the West, the origami. It sounds much more solemn in Japanese.

The truth is that this art has many more advantages than the purely recreational arts.

how-to-make-a-lollipop-colored pencils

For starters, it’s an entertaining and complete way to stimulate children’s imaginations and, incidentally, share play time with them. In addition, the dexterity they must demonstrate to complete the kite, makes them greatly develop their psychomotor ability. A job for which they will also have to show a certain degree of concentration, to give them the best of them.

A challenge fun, entertaining and inexpensive, which also hangs. And is that another of the advantages of paper kites is that they are blank canvases to be decorated to the taste of the designer. And when it comes to kids, they never have enough to bring out the artist in them.


Finally, these types of games, greatly improves the ability to socialize of the little ones in the house. Needing someone to play with, they don’t hesitate to approach other children and ask them to say a number. With something as simple as a kite they were forged friendships always.

How to make a paper kite step by step

When it comes to creating a kite, the materials needed are so simple that it is difficult to list them. One sheet of DIN A4. Only that. A simple, white printer sheet is what you need to give absolute happiness to a little one. Sounds like a joke, right? It’s not that.

Step 1 – Take the sheet and fold it in half

2nd step – Take one of the top edges and bring it to the opposite side. Yes, it’s shaped like a triangle and there’s plenty of folio below. You’re okay.

how to make a kite step by step

Step 3 – Cut the excess paper below so that you only have the triangle.

Step 4 – Open the page and check that the vertical where you folded has been more than marked. Perfect.


Step 5 – Take the point opposite to the previous one and bring it, as before, to its opposite corner. The idea is that the other vertical is also marked, and the page is crossed by two lines in the shape of a cross.

Step 6 – Take each of the tips and bring them to the center, marking the fold.

how to make a kite step3

Step 7 – Turn the figurine over, leaving the folds down.

Step 8 – Take each of the ends and bring them to the center, marking the fold (no, you haven’t had any déjà vu, you have to repeat step 6)

how to make a kite step4

Step 9 – Turn it over again

Step 10 – Insert your fingers in the spaces that have been below so that it takes the right shape. However, it is advisable to approach the decoration of it before doing so, taking advantage of the fact that it is smooth and manageable.

What can you use paper kite? For a thousand things. For example, the most common utility of this type of origami is a hobby. Make it a game, color each of the eight inner faces with a color and write a test to do on each of them behind. Chance will decide whether the participant should sing in the middle of the square or run around the neighborhood in your underwear.

how to make a yellow kite

The thing is not there. A tight kite can be a perfect outfit to leave love notes, shopping lists or important letters. For this use, the more striking the better.

Another use that has been given to it in recent years is a wedding card. The most original that you will see. On the outside, the name of the bride and groom, the date and place of the banquet. Inside, the menu and, essential, the account number. What’s wrong? The account number, especially for income, fits in the most unsuspected places.


And of course, just as the comet can be used as wedding menuThere are those who choose to take it one step further and make it the invitation of the link itself. It’s the same menu system, but indicating inside the link site, the time, or even how to get there. Important for those who come from outside.

Now if you really want Delorean and travel in the last 30 years, it is mandatory to make a kite for its original use. It is none other than to put four sides positive adjectives as beautiful, kind, super baby and cute thing; and in the other four, their opposites. It is, ugly, unfriendly, throw up and not with you, bug.


Childish? Yes. A lot, but we have already said that this article will bring us back to our childhood. If we do, make it big. We just have to find a store where they sell crazy …

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