Christmas is approaching and from WoodMe we want you to do virtually all of the decorating this year. We can start with cute snowflakes, this is how we explain how to make a paper snowflake for Christmas decoration

How to make paper snowflakes on the Christmas blanket

Obviously, if you want to use Christmas snowflakes to bring gifts to life, you need to know how to perfectly wrap Christmas gifts

How to make a paper snowflake for Christmas decoration

Making a snowflake for Christmas decoration is not complicated if you follow the instructions that we now show you in this step by step video. These are snowflakes that you can also make with paper so that you can make them with your children and thus decorate the house, you will see how beautiful it is. And if you want everything to be even more beautiful, take a look at the Christmas Ornaments 2020

how to make a paper snowflake for christmas decoration step by step

Steps to making paper snowflakes for Christmas

  1. Start by picking up the leaves. You need ten squares of leaves, that we will fold in half. make a triangle and there we fold back to form a smaller triangle.
  2. Draw a series of marks in the middle of the triangle, using a ruler.
  3. Then draw five lines within a centimeter of each other but not marked at the edge.
  4. Then you cut each line with scissors but without reaching the end.
  5. You open the paper and you will see that you left the whole square with cut lines.
  6. You take the center you separate it and stick it with glue.
  7. We turn the paper over and glue the next cut segment, also with glue. So we turn the paper and we glue each segment.
  8. With this you will get one end of the snowflake. The rest of the paper squares following the same instructions will allow you that in the end if you join them all, you can have your snowflake.

how to make snowflake paper for christmas decoration

You can make the flakes the size you want, For this, the squares of paper you are going to cut must be larger or smaller, depending on how you want them. You can even match them to your Handmade Christmas Cards

Finally we must add that if you wish make the snowflake more attractive, you can use colored paper and if you want it to be more striking you can use other materials such as cardboard, cardboard or eva rubber although it will obviously cost you a bit more to cut them. And if you don’t want flakes, we show you too how to make paper doves for Christmas 2020 and you have the complete decoration

How to make other paper snowflakes for Christmas decorations

If you want more ideas, we will show you how to make other paper snowflakes for Christmas decoration and with several alternatives. We start with several patterns and patterns for making paper snowflakes which you can configure to create your own snowflakes.

How to Make a Paper Snowflake for Christmas Decorating Designs

All you have to do is make the drawing first with a pencil and then cut out the drawn area. The result, even if you don’t see it until you separate the paper, will surprisingly be Christmas. Of course, these first three patterns are a bit more complicated, but more colorful. If you want something simpler, take a look at the ones below

How to Make a Paper Snowflake for an Easy Christmas Decorating Pattern

These designs are ideal to make with the little ones around the house and make them feel like part of the Christmas decoration.

How to Make a Paper Snowflake for a Simple Christmas Decorating Pattern

Obviously, the size of the snowflakes will depend on the piece of paper or cardboard you choose to create the previous pattern.

How to make a paper snowflake for Christmas decoration template

And if you want to come full circle, you have the option to try these heart shaped snowflakes. They are very attractive and, also, very easy to achieve.

How to Make a Paper Snowflake for Christmas Decorating Hearts

¿And why not make black paper snowflakes? Yes, the snow is white but the decoration is yours and giving it a different touch will make everyone notice it. Look how cool black snowflakes are.

How to make a black paper snowflake for Christmas decoration

And if you wonder what would snowflakes look like, once finished, here is a sample. Hanging from lamps, walls, ceilings or anything else, they look great.

How to make a paper snowflake to hang Christmas decoration

Another decorative alternative is to use the snowflakes for complete the decoration of gifts. In this case, the color license also allows us more of a joy. For example, in red.

How to make a paper snowflake for decoration in a Christmas decoration

Although the target is still the most useful.

How to make a paper snowflake for decorating Christmas gifts

And if you feel very comfortable, you can try to do die cut snowflake cards. A drawing, scissors, cardboard and patience. Now the result, as you can see, is spectacular.

How to make a paper snowflake for decorating Christmas cards

It is clear that for Christmas decoration it is enough to take time and patience, because for very little money, we can decorate a whole house.