How to make a raised greenhouse in our garden

Raised or raised gardens are very effective in gardens to ensure you have fresh vegetables all year round, we can build our own garden at home. But the design of your garden is not everything, as there are other external factors that can influence how well your vegetables produce. The climatic conditions and how to protect the plants are among the most important to consider.

How to make a raised greenhouse in our garden

Covering a garden can be a key factor in some climates for us to be successful with our crops. In this tutorial you have the complete instructions for creating your own raised garden with a cover that will turn it into a mini greenhouse. You won’t spend more than $ 50 and you can use a lot of recycled materials.

The list of materials you will need is not very long: PVC pipes, wood panels and slats (many can be obtained by recycling pallets), brackets for metal corners, a plastic roll, a plastic pipe that we will use as clamps and the plastic for the greenhouse.

A project with which you can have your own urban garden in your backyard, with protection for more demanding climates.

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