How to make a septic tank with recycled tires

This septic tank was built in the city of Uberlândia, Brazil, an interesting alternative for the reuse of materials that would otherwise be thrown away, at the same time as it solves part of the sanitation problem, common in many cities of the world.

The person in charge of this project was the Municipal Department of Water and Wastewater (DMAE), the body responsible for the creation of the system and its manufacture.

But, in order not to limit the knowledge, they have created a manual with which you can reproduce the idea step by step anywhere.

The basis for the manufacture of this septic tank is truck tires, which are often obtained free of charge. According to the DMAE, this project has attracted many farmers and people living on farms and ranches in outlying areas, poorly served by wastewater collection networks.

Each stand uses eight tires, divided into two modules. The connection is made directly to the toilet. In the first module, the decomposition of waste is done by bacteria. Organic matter is deposited at the base of this first module, while the liquid generated reaches the second module, where bacteria continue to act, eliminating up to 95% of organic pollutants. The resulting liquid, through a drain, can be used for irrigation.

This septic tank should be cleaned by a specialized company every 2-3 years, depending on its use logically, which will properly dispose of the waste.

septic tank with recycled tires

Make Click on here to access the manual for manufacturing a septic tank. Although the manual is in Portuguese, you can follow it without any problem.