How to make a shelving unit by recycling wine boxes

Today we are going to see a new DIY recycling. The idea is to make your own shelf by recycling wine boxes using a small table as a base. The joints between the boxes are made with metal clamps, so it’s very simple.


  • A low table.
  • Wooden crates.
  • Tweezers.

Now let’s take a step-by-step look, which is really great as it is for all audiences and all skill levels.


To begin with, we will seek and pick up wooden crates. In DIY, wine boxes were chosen because they are beautiful, but you can search and choose the boxes as you like.

We will place the boxes together lying on the floor in presentation form, so that we can decide how we want to build the structure. After we go put the clipsone by one to fix the boxes to each other.

When we completely love the way we chose and made for our recycled shelves we just have to hold them to the table and lift it. Ideally, lean it against the wall.

Eye, do not put things that weigh a lot In our recycled library, it is better to choose light things, the example in the photo is perfect, beautiful but light things.