Do you need to walk around your house? Do you have the whole sleeve for the shoulder? Maybe just sorting everything out and tidying up is enough. Obviously, this is complicated when there are children involved. Hence the importance of having help and this is what we will bring you, as we will tell you how to make a shoe organizer, makeup, desk and necklaces. Fast, simple and very economical

How to make a shoe, makeup, desk, and necklace organizer

Putting together, placing and organizing the house not only makes it feel clean, but also helps you relax knowing that everything is in its place. Obviously, the organizers come at a price, in many cases higher than one might think. This is where our talent comes in and, in this case, us. To know how to make a shoe organizer, makeup, desk and necklaces It will save you a lot of money and, in addition, it will allow you to personalize it.

What more could you want?

How to create a startup organizer

Well, the logical thing is that once you know how to make a shoe organizer, makeup, desk and necklaces and finish the first, many more will come. Couple, children, parents … Everyone in the house will have their own organizers and, finally, 100% of the house will be collected and set up.

How to create an organizer step by step

Before entering specifically how to make a shoe organizer, makeup, desk and necklacesIt is worth considering the concept in general. I mean, know how to make an organizer step by step, then specify the items it will be directed to.

To do this, the first thing is identify the material you are going to make it withas well as the style you want your organizer to have. It must be taken into account that it fits into the available space, that it combines with the room and, above all, that it is useful for what you want to keep there.

How to make a shoe organizer

In this case, we will resort to cardboard as base material. It is inexpensive, easy to find, and very malleable. In addition, it can be easily personalized. So for to make a step by step organizer you need these materials.

  • Cardboard boxes (shoes, packaging …)
  • Cardboard tubes (toilet paper)
  • Silicone or white glue
  • Pencil
  • The scissors
  • Thick masking tape (bright colors)

Once we have the material, we tell you how to make an organizer step by step and we start with one of the most useful: how to make a shoe organizer.

How to make a shoe organizer

Shoes are usually one of the most complex organizational elements. You have different sizes, a difficult fit and the addition of being sufficient. For this reason knowing how to make a shoe organizer can add another dimension to your home. You just need to follow these steps:

How to create an organizer

  • Cardboard box – Take a large box, take it apart and keep only two cardboard plates
  • Cut into rectangles – Then draw rectangles over the entire surface to cut them later. The pattern to follow should have each rectangle three times the size of the shoes that will fit inside.
  • Folded in a triangle – When cut out, we fold each rectangle into three equal parts, forming an equilateral triangle and glue the junction ends with adhesive tape. Do this in quantity of all the shoes you plan to keep
  • Auction – Glue each triangle along the edge and place a cardboard plate above and below each row, so as to double the spaces for placing the shoes in your shoe organizer. Make as many floors as you need. Decorate the cardboard plates with the same colored tape or cover the cardboard rectangles with decorative paper.

Easy no? It’s that easy to make a shoe organizer and have them all in place, located and protected.

How to make a makeup organizer

Once we have the shoes it’s time to learn how to make a makeup organizer. In this case, it will be even easier, because the material to be stored is smaller and more manageable. So we tell you how to make a makeup organizer step by step

How to make a makeup organizer

  • materials – The basis for making a makeup organizer will be two cardboard boxes (shoes or boots are perfect), the cover of which we will remove to use later.
  • Cuts – The first step is to take one of the two boxes and cut its sides crosswise, giving it a triangular shape. Next, cut the long side of the bottom of the box, making it look like an office wallet.
  • Second box – Then take the second box and make two cuts, one on each side of one of the longer walls of the box. Each cuts the same distance from each edge, leaving a small door with the cardboard hanging off.
  • Silicone – Glue the two boxes with silicone or white glue, placing the box with the triangular edges on the box with the small door, gluing the cardboard base on the open part of the second box, giving the shape of ‘a makeup organizer. On the front of the box above, glue a strip of cardboard to support it like a small balcony. Place another strip of cardboard an inch behind the first, to create the first compartment where the brushes will go.
  • Cardboard strips – At the top, behind the cardboard strips, place dividers of different sizes of the same cardboard, made with the lids of the boxes.
  • Decor – Decorate your makeup organizer with glitter card stock, colors or decorative paper. You can also glue original buttons or fabric patterns that match the rest of your organizers.

Think about what you saved by taking a look at makeup organizer prices today.

How to make an office organizer

And makeup at the work area. Let’s see now how to make a desk organizer. In fact, we are going to give you two ideas for organizing your office: one for documents and one for drawers. If you had them

  • How to create a desk organizer for documents step by step
    • Cardboard boxes – Take twice as many rectangular cardboard boxes of cereal according to the binders you need
    • Cut – Put the box upright and from the center of the side that is upwards, cut with the scissors until you reach the middle of its side.
    • Double box – With the cut side facing forward, glue the back of the box to a second box with silicone or glue.
    • Decor – Decorate the two boxes to your liking, preferably with patterned paper and leave an area empowered to put the documents of each binder and you would already have it. Now, if you wish, you can use the silicone to glue these filing cabinets under a shelf to save space.

  • How to make a desk drawer organizer step by step
    • Measurements – Take the measurements of your drawer to calculate what the organizer will have
    • Separators – Knowing the measurement at the top, cut several strips of cardboard which will serve as separators when making the organizer. Make sure they are a different size and decorate them to your liking.
    • Based – Then cut out a sheet of cardboard with the exact dimensions of the drawer and which will be the base of the organizer that we are going to create.
    • Silicone – Glue, with silicone, the bands that you cut out, taking into account the elements that you will put in the drawer.
    • Placement – Let the silicone dry for an hour and place the organizer in the drawer

Simple, very fast and extremely efficient. Thus, when you open the drawer, you will have placed everything as with the kitchen cutlery.

How to make a necklace organizer

Finally, we will show you how to make a necklace organizer. Again, a very complicated item to keep due to the size or tangles that can occur. To do this, we will only need a shoebox and 10 minutes of dedication. How to make a necklace organizer step by step

How to make a necklace organizer

  • lid – Take the cover and, with the pencil, divide it into four equal parts and cut them. Decorate each of the rooms as you wish
  • Box – We will do the same with the cardboard box, decorate it to our liking and give it a personal touch
  • Silicone – With silicone we glue the four pieces in the center of the box, trying to leave four segments of the same size in which we can store the necklaces.

Obviously, if we need more space, just take more shoe boxes and repeat the process.

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